Welp. The NHL coaching landscape is about to change….maybe. If you’ve been paying attention to the NHL, let’s face it….you should, then you know that Mike Babcock (considered the best coach currently not named Scotty Bowman) is on the market. He’s talked to several teams (Toronto, Buffalo, St Louis, and San Jose) and was given a deadline by Detroit GM Kenny Holland of May 25th on what where he wants to go. Understandable. Detroit needs to know what Babcock wants to do so they can start planning for next year.

Toronto is out of the mix on Babcock, even though they could throw a literal ship full of Canadian money (a ship full of Canadian Dollars is about $3.47 USD) at Babcock. Latest report has the choices narrowed down to Babs returning to Detroit or bolting for Buffalo. These same reports throw out a number….50 million. Dollars. 50 million dollars. Surely that’s wrong, right? Even at a 10 year contract that’s 2 million a year more than the NHL’s highest paid coach. That’s insane.

Babcock has said he would make a decision by tomorrow morning. I’ll be coming at you on Friday with the skinny.

When Life Gives You Lemons



imageSome times in life things do not go as planned. But one thing that makes a company great is how to react when everything falls apart. This upcoming PPV definitely signifies that.

This card at UFC 187 is full of trust in turns. Let’s look at the Co main event. Middleweight champion Chris Weidman takes on Vitor Belfort. image

This fight has been promoted twice. As we learned while watching Mayweather vs Pacquio. Making fans wait pays off.

Then you have the main event with Daniel Cormier vs Anthonthy Johnson. This fight brings two guys who push the pace and both has Ko power. Not to mention there will be a new champion which creates a great story if either Cormier or Johnson wins.


Daniel  getting a second chance to climb the top of the mountain. Johnson has a chance to add another great chapter to the rebirth of his career.

Although it is disappointing that Jon Jones was suspended but like always the UFC is king of making lemonade when life gives them lemons.



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PODCAST: ROTC’s Continued Second Round Coverage

In this episode of Running Out The Clock, Joseph Craven talks about the NBA so far, mostly all the areas in which he was wrong, but also says the word “beneficiary” far too often without addressing that fact until now. There’s talk about the importance of Andrew Bogut, the questions around Marc Gasol, the observation on how the Al Horford game winning putback was one of the strangest series of events to end a game, and whether Houston even cares right now.

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LSU Round-Up, Vol. 10: Catching up with Dandy Don


Nothing against the the previous nine versions of the LSU Round-Up but I am most excited about Volume 10. I caught up with Scott Long of the ever popular website, Dandy Don.

Started by his dad, Don,  in 1996 Scott has carried on the family tradition. Not only does Scott give his daily dose of LSU news but he sprinkles in recipes, tales of his fishing trips and even help fans find tickets to LSU games.

Let’s get to it!

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So….Now What?

By now, you all do realize that I’m a woman.  If you didn’t, now you do.   Not only am I a woman, I love sports daggonit.  A lot.   So I’m pretty special, as far as women go.  Well, I mean, ALL women are special.  But ya know, a sports loving chick IS kinda helpful when it comes to relationships.  Heck, and if she can give you fantasy advice, and statistical knowledge  like the guys over at numberFire do,  then she’s really special.  But I won’t get into all of that.   But sometimes being a woman sports fan can be really hard.  And this past NFL season, through now has proven that.   And I don’t know what to do about it, if anything.   I’ll expound.

Tom Brady profileThis week, the hammer fell from on high on Tom Brady and the Patriots as we are all well aware.  I was shocked, and continue to be shocked that he got suspended for 4 games.  Just to get it out there, I’m not a diehard, ride or die Patriots fan or anything.  I mostly like them because of Tom Brady having been a QB at Michigan.   After the suspension was announced, my jaw literally dropped, and then as a reflex I thought about Ray Rice’s 2 games for what he did to his fiancée/wife.   And then what happened with Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy.   I’ve been continuing to sort my feelings out in my brain, and I’m still lost….Sort of.

I’m lost because I’m a female fan, and I don’t know if I should be mad because Brady’s suspension was longer that Ray’s, and a little harsher than APs and Greg Hardy’s initial punishments?    (And for the record, of course I despise anyone who puts their hands on a woman, child, heck ANYONE for any reason other than a kind/gentle/loving touch)  My initial response was yes, of course I should be mad.  How can the NFL put a cheating scandal above a woman, person, a HUMAN?    How?  But I’m a sports fan.  In a way I do understand why they did what they did.  They are punishing Brady and the Pats for their deceitful actions, and past transgressions.   But why should that punishment be harsher than the others?   I still am not 100% sure, but I think maybe I have come up with an answer.

Roger DraftBecause it’s “easier”.  It’s easier to punish someone who has cheated the GAME of NFL Football and their team. It’s strictly football related (literally)  Let’s face it.  Goodell has gotten himself in a whole bunch of hot water over the punishments that he’s given out (or not) in the past year.   And the cheating scandal is no different.  I think it’s easier to punish this than it is to punish what the other’s have done.     Deflategate has nothing to do with what a player does off of the field and everything with what a player does on the field, which from what I’m guessing is how it makes it “easier.”  Followed up with the fact that this is a repeat offense.

The other issues happened off the field.  Where courts and judges and lawyers are.  And to be quite honest that is their domain.  Not the NFLs.   Does the NFL have a duty to punish Rice, Peterson, and Hardy?  Yes, but do they have to be the end all/do all for punishment?  No.  While I was disappointed in what they gave Rice, and in a way felt bad for Peterson because of how poorly it was handled, (Sorry Greg Hardy, I really don’t feel badly for you at all.)   I came to the realization that it’s not the NFL’s job to punish those people to the fullest extent of the law.  It’s not.  The NFL’s duty, in my own opinion is to take them off the field until everything is handled properly.  Suspend, fine, exempt list, whatever.  Once everything is handled legally, then NFL can bring down whatever punishment has been negotiated between them and the players union.

But does this make me a bad female fan? SportsFans That’s the last thing that I wrestle with.  I don’t know.  Yes, because I should want the NFL to realize that players who are abusing women and kids should have NO PART in this game.    And why would they even make excuses for their behavior in the name of the game?   These things are real issues for real people.    No, because I feel like I’m an educated fan, and I do understand the pure gamesmanship of the NFL.  In the end, should we expect them to be a moral compass for society?  Not really, to be quite honest.   That’s what “real people” are for.  People like mentors, parents, coaches, etc.  Do athletes have a responsibility because they are athletes and kids look up to them?  They do, but I think that parents/mentors/coaches need to help kids understand that athletes are real people too, and they make mistakes, and they do bad things sometimes.


So, while getting this stuff out helps, I’m still confused.  I want to be a good female fan, but in the end, I just want to be a fan.  And cheer on my team.  And watch a good game.    But I can’t.    So….Now what?


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Conference Finals, Here We Come!

Well, this second round has been a little surprising hasn’t it? There are a number of different reasons for it and maybe it’s not surprising to some but it sure has caught me off guard. Let’s take a quick look at where things stand as we head into the “weekend” games.

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Was the NFL Fair or Too Tough on Tom Brady for Deflate-gate?


The NFL announced yesterday their punishment of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for their roles in last season’s AFC Championship Game, or as it’s better known now as Deflate-gate. Continue reading Was the NFL Fair or Too Tough on Tom Brady for Deflate-gate?

Going Green, Vol. 8: A Special Mother’s Day Edition

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the loving, caring and special moms in the world. I also would like to wish a Mother’s Day to the two mothers on our staff, Sonja Greenfield and Brit Bonner!

Speaking of Sonja, here is the eight installment of Going Green. This week we debate Scott Brooks’ firing, Deflategate and whether or not Tom Terrific should be fired. Plus, the debacle of Mayweather-Pacquiao $100 boxing match.

Without further adieu….Mothers first!

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