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2014 SEC Football Preview: Auburn Tigers


As we continue through the west in our 2014 SEC Football Preview we take a look at the defending SEC Champion Auburn Tigers. What an amazing ride Auburn fans went on last year as the Tigers went from winless in the SEC in 2012 to winners of the SEC in 2013. Can they repeat as conference champs in 2014? Let’s dive in and see what we think. Continue reading


Pro-Wrestlings biggest misses and near misses of the 90′s (Part 1)


When looking back fondly on Wrasslin’ in the late 90′s I always remember wrestlers that were over with fans. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, The Outsiders, Sting (But I hated the crow angle!), Triple H, I could go on forever.

There was nothing better than turning on Monday Nitro, or Monday Night Raw, and flipping back and forth between the two. Whether there was drama with the NWO, or Stone Cold was catching beers over his shoulder and pouring them all over Vince McMahon, you were locked in to whatever was going on.  Continue reading


2014 SEC Football Preview: Arkansas Razorbacks


We continue our 2014 SEC Football Preview with a look at the Arkansas Razorbacks. Brett Bielema’s first year at Arkansas was not one to write home about but not many people were surprised. With that said, there were some bright spots and some things to build upon for the future. Let’s take a look at those and see what kind of progress can be made in 2014. Continue reading

Uggla Featured

Atlanta Braves Release Dan Uggla…Finally

The Atlanta Braves just released a man they still owe $18 million to. His name is Dan Uggla. Ken Rosenthal first reported the news on twitter and it was confirmed by the Braves moments later.

When the Braves traded for Uggla before the 2011 season and signed him to a five-year contract extension they had high expectations for the power hitting second baseman. He hit .263 and averaged over 30 home runs per season during his five years with the Marlins. With the Braves, his batting average declined each season as he hit .233, .220, .179 and .162. Those are the kind of numbers that will get a man fired despite the money owed to him. Continue reading


A Tale of Two Pitchers

AGSH.1 As the trade deadline draws closer, the deadline in your fantasy league is most likely to follow. Since starting pitching is becoming more of a hot commodity as of late, (thanks in part to the rising number of pitcher injuries in MLB this season) you might be considering a trade.  Continue reading


2014 Fantasy Football Rankings

Alright folks, it’s the All-Star Break and you know what that means… it’s time for the first definitive preseason Top-100 rankings of the 2014 Fantasy Football season.   In the coming days, weeks, and months we’ll be discussing draft strategy, roster composition, sleepers and busts, and overall league configuration.  But for now, let’s dive into the rankings.  We have a dearth of information to go on at this point, having just OTA reports to tantalize us.  When teams begin to open camp next week, we’ll gain some clarity on both injuries and roles. Click the link below, and let’s dive in…

Grubbs’ Top-100:  2014 Fantasy Football Rankings  




2014 SEC Football Preview: Alabama Crimson Tide


We’ve made it through the SEC East in our 2014 SEC Football Preview. Now we dive into the explosive SEC West and first up is the Alabama Crimson Tide. Under Nick Saban the Tide has been the team to beat for several years now and this year seems to be no different in the eyes of many. Still, some believe the 2014 Bama team is not quite as complete as it has been in the past. Let’s take a look and see where we fall in the  debate. Continue reading


Black and Blue: A Preview

Finally!!!  Football is here, and I’m ready!!!

I’m excited about a lot.  And as a Lions fan, hope always springs eternal, then gets stomped out pretty quickly.  BUT, if it’s a good year, our hopes will fade round about Thanksgiving.  But I digress.

Today I will be previewing the good ol’ NFC North and how it may look this year.  Now, while I don’t have a crystal ball, I’ll do my best!

So, last year was a pretty interesting one for the division.  Aaron Rodgers was out, Cutty was out, Matt Stafford was in, and who was QB of the Vikings again?  Do the Vikings even know?? Oh yeah…. it was the Ponder, Cassel, Freeman carousel.

Anyway, let’s look at the Vikings.



They finished last in the division last year with a record of 5-10-1, and made some coaching changes in the off season, bringing in new (first time) head coach Mike Zimmer and coaching veteran Norv Turner.   They drafted Anthony Barr and Teddy Bridgewater, both of whom will be decent additions to the team, and they also drafted Jerick McKinnon who hopefully will be able to help Adrian Peterson in the backfield. So based on how they drafted and their coaching changes will it be enough to help get them out of the cellar? If Zimmer and Turner can help improve their QB situation, it could be enough.  But one thing that could still hurt them is the fact that they lost Jared Allen to Da Bears.  If there is one thing you need in this division this year, its defense.  My prediction for the Vikings this year:  6-10

Moving on to the Monsters of The Midway.


This team finished last year 8-8.  Slightly disappointing for them, but also one must remember that Jay Cutler was out for several games with an injury, along with Lance Briggs.  And the retirement of Brian Urlacher was also a noticeable loss.   So those things presented first year head coach Marc Trestman with some challenges.  The 2014 season brings some promise.  They picked up Jared Allen from Minnesota, Jay Cutler signed a 7 year deal, along with kicker Robbie Gould.  They improved their defense during free agency with the additions of people like Lamarr Houston, Willie Young, and Ryan Mundy.  They also drafted pretty decently by getting once again more solid on defense with Kyle Fuller, Ego Ferfuson and Will Sutton.  The Bears defense sort of scares me.  But I think it will be their defense that will win the games for them.  Their offense is good, but their defense is better.  My prediction for the Bears this year:  9-7.

Next up…The Packers.


These guys limped their way into winning the division last year with an 8-7-1 record.   Injuries to key players such as Jermichael Finley, Casey Hayward, Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, and of course Aaron Rogers affected this team.  They ended up putting 15 players on IR last year.  But I’m not really thinking the same record for this year.  You just can’t bet against Aaron Rogers, barring another injury.  Again though, just getting everyone back healthy again makes this team better automatically, without adding key free agents and draft picks.  But they were able to pick up Julius Peppers and Matt Flynn and drafted Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Davante Adams. Pretty good pickups if you ask me.  My prediction for The Pack:  11-5

Rounding out the division are the Lions.



This team.  All the talent in the world, but can’t get out of their own way.  They finished a disappointing 7-9 last year, after pretty much having the division in their laps.  But this year they come back with a brand new coaching staff put in place to help Matt Stafford live up to his potential.  The Lions signed Golden Tate during free agency, and also brought in James Ihedigbo for their secondary.  The Lions also drafted Eric Ebron to also give Stafford another person to throw to, and also Kyle Van Noy as another addition to the defense.  If Suh and Fairley play as they were touted to do, and if Stafford is able to NOT throw as many interceptions this year, this team could do some damage in this division.   My prediction for The Lions:  9-7.


I think the NFC North is going to live up to its name this year.  This is going to be one tough division to get through, especially with the additions that the Packers and Bears have made on defense.    But it’s going to be fun to watch.  And.   I.  Can’t.  Wait.


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