NBA Finals: 4 Things That Shouldn’t Surprise Us

While the 2015 NBA Playoffs have been amazing, the Finals themselves have proven to be astronomically good through the first several games. Overtime games, incredible individual performances, and diving all over the place have been the custom so far, leaving hope that these Finals will continue to be the highly exciting events they’ve proven to be so far.

However, some of the elements in the Finals so far have people living in shock and awe over things that shouldn’t surprise them. Yes, it’s surprising that the Warriors can’t seem to shoot straight and yes it’s surprising that the Cavs were been able to take a game away from the home-court advantage of the Warriors, but there are three things that people are shocked by that they really shouldn’t be. Continue reading NBA Finals: 4 Things That Shouldn’t Surprise Us

Headed To Mexico City


Here we go another great UFC card that will be down south in Mexico City.The world heavyweight imagechampionship will be on the line as Cain Velasquez takes on Fabricio Werdum who us the interim champion. This fight will be a great match up due to the similarities of both fighters.  Have an excellent stand up game and both are accomplished in the ground Cain being the wrestler and Fabricio Werdum with the world class  ju-jitsu. The only way I see Fabricio Werdum wining this fight is by submitting Cain. If he doesn’t Cain will out strike him to gain either the KO or a decision win.

Winner :Cain Velasquez



In the co main event Eddie Alverez takes on Gilbert Melendez. This is a great fight that I can’t even predict a winner due to the talent and skill of both fighters can scrap standing and on the ground if I had to pick a winner I would pick Gilbert due to the home field advantage

winner : Gilbert Melendez


Kelvin Gastelum takes on Nate Marquart in the middleweight division Kelvin Gastelum makes his return to middleweight since beating Uriah Hall in Ultimate Fighter season 17. Nate Marquart has fought a lot of the top fighters in that weight class including a tittle fight against Anderson Silva. Unfortunately I do not think that his experience will trump the gritty Mexican in his home country.

Winner: Kelvin Gastelum

This card should be a sucess due the extended Mexican talent that is on this card and should be a great PPV


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The Lead Off: A.L. West 16th Edition

The Lead Off:

Twitter is a buzz today over the first “Amphibious” pitcher in the MLB.  Pat Venditte of the Oakland A’s threw from both sides of the mound last night and was the first pitcher in 20 years to do so.  Continue reading The Lead Off: A.L. West 16th Edition

The King Is Dead: How LeBron James Stopped Being The Best Player In The NBA

I hate my friends. I don’t mean this in a brotherly love, sibling rivalry kind of way. I just flat out cannot stand them. I wish them ill. I want to see them suffer greatly and often. They deserve it after all because they, more than any people on the entire planet, disagree with me when it comes to sports. Because of their inability to simply say that I’m right about whatever I’m in the middle of being right about, they have found it annoyingly necessary to offer their own ill-informed opinions despite the fact that I never once have asked for them. I mean, why do I need anyone else’s opinion when I’m already right, amirite?

Despite the fact that they cannot simply accept my wisdom as the gospel and shut up (and seriously, I hate them for it), my friends are overwhelmingly good people. For the most part. One of them is LITERALLY the Devil incarnate but the less said about him the better. It’s because my friends are such good people that it pains me to see them so lost when it comes to sports opinions. It’s a little sad too if we’re being honest. I think it’s safe to say we all think we’re right when it comes to the things we believe, and there’s nothing wrong with that conviction. Unless it is at odds with my thoughts, at which point you’re an idiot and deserve all of the misery I can wish upon you.

The latest debate to break out amongst my friends was about LeBron James and his status as Best Player on the Planet. I’m not even sure why the entire thing got started in the first place because to me this isn’t even a question. I simply stated LeBron James is not the Best Player on the Planet anymore. I thought the argument would be about who is new reigning BPotP. Instead I got smacked with a bevy of nonsense proclaiming than not only was LeBron still the best player, but that it was crazy to think that he wasn’t still the best player.

As it was happening, I couldn’t quite make sense of it. I mean how was I supposed to make sense of such a ridiculous statement? Was it Opposite Day? Did the meaning of the word “best” change while I was in the bathroom? Had they not clearly heard me say that LeBron was in fact NOT the best player in the NBA, immediately rendering all opposing viewpoints moot? What manner of insanity was this?

No reasonable person can look at the numbers or watch the season and think that LeBron is the best player in the league. If anyone tells you that he is they are either uniformed, have an agenda or are Cleveland fans. I can say this with full confidence because the people who are paid to look at the numbers and watch the games overwhelmingly said that LeBron was not the NBA MVP this year, an award they instead gave to Stephen Curry (who in my mind is in fact the best player in the league). Of the 130 voters, 5 gave their 1st-Place vote to LeBron. James Harden finished with 25 1st-Place votes. Steph Curry got 100. If this were the Electoral College, LeBron would carry Ohio, James Harden would win the Gulf Coast states From Texas to Florida and Curry would win everywhere else. Those are literal numbers. I am not kidding. Those 20 Ohio Electoral College votes would represent the same 3.8% of the MVP vote that LeBron got.

But maybe you’re not the type that’s easily swayed by voters and awards. Maybe you want to look at what LeBron has done on the court as justification as to why he’s still the best. And if that is indeed the case, then you should have stopped with the voters. LeBron finished in the top 3 in NBA voting but he is not a Top 3 player. He isn’t even a top 5 player anymore. His 3rd-Place finish in the MVP voting was not at all indicative of his performance this year as it measured against his peers. Those last three words are important, however I feel like people overlook them in this conversation. To say that LeBron is no longer the best player in the NBA is not the same as saying he is not a great player. Great isn’t nearly strong enough of a word to describe him, frankly. However his is not the same player that he once was, and it shows on the court and in the stat sheet. His season this year ranks across a number of categories as the poorest since his rookie year, including:

  • 25.3 PPG, his lowest since his rookie year
  • 6.0 RPG, his lowest since his rookie year
  • .710 FT%, a career worst
  • 3.9 TO, also a career worst
  • 9.0 FGM
  • 36.1 Minutes, a career low.

Now looking at those numbers in a vacuum, you would take them in a heartbeat from any player regardless of position and be glad to do it. Factor in LeBron’s 7.4 assist a night (second only to his 2009-10 season) and you’ve got a player that every team in the league would want. Basketball isn’t played in a vacuum however, and when you compare his performance to other top NBA players there isn’t a single metric that you can point to justify calling LeBron James the best player in the league. Whether it’s Steph Curry or James Harden or Anthony Davis or Chris Paul or even the injured Kevin Durant, the number of players that are younger and playing at a higher level than LeBron grows every year (had injuries not robbed him of his greatness you could also add Derrick Rose to this list).

The advanced statistics tell an even more damning story. Despite playing the second fewest games of his career and the fewest minutes at night of his career, LeBron looks to be wearing down. He’s having the worst playoff performance of his career to match his regular season numbers.


  • His .428 FG% is his worst shooting performance in the playoffs in eight years.
  • He’s shooting .669 inside of 3 feet this postseason, a career low.
  • He’s shooting 17% from behind the arc, another career low.
  • Only .034 of his playoff shot attempts are dunks, a career low and nearly half his career playoff average of .061.
  • Despite his shooting woes he’s already taken more shots this year than he did in all of last year’s playoffs in six fewer games. He is on pace to shoot over 500 times this postseason if the series goes long enough.

Luckily for Cleveland, I can’t see this series getting to go more than 5 games. The end of the year can’t come soon enough for LeBron, who needs a full offseason to rest and figure out how to dominate games as a 30 year old that is incapable of doing the superhuman things he routinely did 5 years ago. He has spent half of his 12 years in the league as the best player there is anywhere, and even though he isn’t that guy anymore that in no way means he’s done winning titles. In order to bring a championship to Cleveland, he’s going to need to be better than he was this year. He doesn’t however need to be the best.

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Going Green, Vol. 10: NBA Finals Chatter & Should College Athletes Get Paid?

In both breaking news and a related story the Chicago Bulls have got rid of Tom Thibodeau and have hired Iowa State men’s basketball coach Fred “The Mayor” Hoiberg.

In our last Going Green, Sonja thought Thibodeau should be fired while I figured the Bulls would keep a former NBA Coach of The Year who racked up a 255 wins in 5 seasons. But I was wrong and the lady was correct…again!

So what do we have for you this week?

How about the NBA Finals changing the playoff schedule on us and college football bringing in big bucks and not sharing it with the players.

Continue reading Going Green, Vol. 10: NBA Finals Chatter & Should College Athletes Get Paid?

PODCAST: Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor?

In this episode of Running Out The Clock, Joseph Craven looks at the two prospects expected to go first and second in the 2015 NBA Draft. In particular, which prospect looks like the better player and which looks like the better fit for each of the top teams drafting?

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Running Out The Clock - ROTC

UFC 187 Review


Wow is all I have to say after watching UFC 187. Every fight was entertaining in their own way. I am going to give a brief takeaway from the event.

The whole show went as I expected minus a I thought Uriah Hall won the fight and I thought Travis Brown but here we go.

Joseph Benavidez always looks good he did again with a solid  unanimous decision win.

I really thought Brown would win but Arlovsky put on his best performance to get the first round KO

Donald Cerrone won a  tough fight with John Makdessi via head kick. Makdessi Took this fight on short notice and gained mine and others respect .

Chris Weidman stops Vitor Belfort in the first round. But needed to take the Phenom down in order to do so because he was rocked while trading on the feet


I feel like I’m repeating myself because the Main event went the same way.  Anthony Johnson came out swinging knocking Daniel off his feet. Props to the  new champ Comier for taking those shots and weathering the storm and wearing out  Johnson to get a rear naked choke victory


Overall the PPV was awesome one of the best this year.


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