Hockey Fans Are The Worst!

Don’t get me wrong; I love most hockey fans. They’re extremely passionate about the sport, more so than their individual team of preference and that’s something special. Every single sport is going to have fans that are just the worst kind of people that you want to launch into the sun, and hockey is no different. But with hockey not being nearly as popular as a lot of the other big ones, sometimes fans tend to think of it as ‘their’ sport, and can come across as being elitist….and it’s the worst. Continue reading


Giant Series, Royal Deadlock

After the Giants won game one of the World Series 7-1 the Royals flipped the script by winning game two 7-2. In what was essentially a must win game, Ned Yost was able to pull the right strings to knot the series up and prevent a near impossible hole to have to climb out of. The moves made in game two were actually set up by the ones not made in the first game. Continue reading


I Got The Power: Week 7 NFC Power Rankings–AGSH Style

Well, week 7 is behind us, and we’re almost to the halfway point in the season.  And it’s been an interesting one to say the least.  At the start of the season, who’da thunk that the Seahawks would loose 2 in a row?  But I digress….Here’s how my cards fall after this week.

16.  Tampa Bay (1-5)

15.  Washington (2-5)  The Kirk Cousins experiment is over.  Why are we surprised?  Back ups gonna back up. Bring on Colt!!

14.  Atlanta (2-5)

13.  Minnesota (2-5)

12.  New Orleans (2-4)  They really ain’t Dat right now.

11. St. Louis (2-4)  Used a bit of trickery and grounded the  Seahawks.  But you gotta have some tricks up your sleeve, when you’re in the tough NFC West.

10.   New York (3-4)  Some days I’m surprised they got to 3 wins.

9.  Chicago (3-4) Can’t win at home.  Locker room is a mess.  Good luck in Foxboro.

8.  Carolina (3-3)

7.  San Francisco (4-3) Someone had to let Peyton Manning break the record.

6.  Seattle (3-3)  They had a tough week.  But Russell did something no one else has done.  That counts for something, right?


5.  Green Bay (5-2)

4.  Detroit (5-2)

3.  Philadelphia (5-1)

2.  Arizona (5-1) Are these guys flying under the radar or what?  3 different QBs.  No problem-o.

1.  Dallas (6-1)  Is it safe to believe in these guys yet?

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Big XII Monday

Each week every article, media outlet, and experts think we have finally figured out what to expect and who will win. Then West Virginia decides to stomp Baylor, Kansas State beats who I thought would be the National Champions on the road and many other twisty turvy storylines that excites and befuddle most college football fans.

I for one am usually not yet strangely surprised by the revealing of this week’s AP rankings. If Baylor wins and holds the number 4 spot then does TCU move back into the top 8 rather than rising a whole whooping two spots in the rankings? Is the SEC really miles ahead of the Big XII or is it just media perception? Continue reading


SEC Power Rankings: Week 8

It’s week 8 and things are starting to take shape in the SEC. There is still a lot of football to be played but I think we are starting to get a feel for where each team stands. Here is how I rank them for week 8. Continue reading

Detroit Red Wings v Phoenix Coyotes

NHL Opening Week Recap: Surprised?

We are a week into the 2014-2015 NHL regular season and already some weird things have happened. But also some not so weird things. We’ll take a look at some things that have surprised us and things that have not quite surprised us so far. Let’s go!

5 Things that have surprised us

1) Thrashings of really good teams. On the second night of the season, Pittsburgh absolutely throttled Anaheim. Let’s not act like “Oh, it’s still Pittsburgh” or that Anaheim is a bad team or something. Anaheim may very well win the west this year, possibly even the Presidents Trophy. Sure, good teams get hammered sometimes. But so early into the season, this was a bit of a statement and caught a lot of people off guard. Fast forward to this past monday night: Montreal is off to a fast 3-0 start, eeking out some wins only to run into the buzz saw that is Tampa Bay to the tune of a 7-1 defeat. Tampa is already a good team and they’re about to get highly touted prospect Jonathan Drouin back in the line-up. Sometimes life isn’t fair, guys.

2) King Henrik? After winning game one, the Rangers have dropped three straight and by an embarrassing amount to at least one embarrassing team. They got rocked by a Columbus team who is missing half it’s lineup 5-2 only to turn around and get absolutely shelled 6-3 by Toronto and the Islanders. Guys. TORONTO beat someone 6-3. Lundquist was pulled from the Toronto game. He’s been anything but Vezina quality. The season is still very very young but this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Tuuka Rask just hasn't been good. The Bs need him to be.
Tuuka Rask just hasn’t been good. The Bs need him to be.

3) The Bruins stumbled out of the gate a bit. After an opening night win over lowly Philadelphia, they dropped three straight. On the second of a back to back on the first two nights of the season, the Bs were out-skated and out-worked by Detroit, blasted by Washington and then had Colorado score a goal with only seconds left in the game to send them into last nights game with Detroit desperately needing a win. They got it in the form of a shootout win but the Bruins have a lot of work to do in this young season to get to where they need/want to be and it starts with Tuuka Rask who has just not been good.

4) Struggling Dallas? Dallas stumbled out of the gate a bit going 0-1-1 in their first two games. Opening night was a good central division tilt with Chicago, another team with silly amounts of firepower and they got a point going to overtime. Respectable. Lots of new faces in the room so there will be an adjustment period, but in the Central Division, there won’t be a lot of time to adjust. I fully expect the Stars to get it right and challenge for a top three spot in the Central.

5) The Islanders are 4-0 and lead the Metro? What sort of weird, post-apocalyptic, lawless wasteland is this? We knew the Islanders would be good this year, but….what? Wait. You know what? Nevermind. Two of their wins came against Carolina before they murdered a depleted Rangers team. They did somehow manage to pull off a shootout victory over the Sharks so that is legitimately weird. Better enjoy the rest of October with games against Toronto, Winnipeg and Colorado left. November is going to be ROUGH.

5 Things that aren’t surprising at all

This isn't an hour before the game. It's like 30 minutes into it. It's bad in Sunrise, FL.
This isn’t an hour before the game. It’s like 30 minutes into it. It’s bad in Sunrise, FL.

1) Florida’s home opener attendance. In one of the least shocking bits of news ever, Florida was only able to bring in around 7,000 fans. That’s slightly les than 1/3 capacity. In case you were wondering, the BLUE JACKETS managed to bring in more for their scrimmage. But apparently the Panthers are safe from relocation. This just means that more revenue will be sent their way to help them keep the lights on. What a shame. A team in Miami seemed like SUCH a good idea.

2) There’s already been panic in Toronto. And no, I’m not talking about them picking up a player named Panik off of waivers. Although, how fitting. Toronto lost its first two games against good teams before thrashing the Rangers (everyone’s done that, though) and beating Colorado in overtime. So we still aren’t quite sure what team the Maple Leafs are. It’s probably a safe bet that they’ll miss the playoffs and at some time in the next 3 weeks they’ll be wanting Carlyle gone. Classic Toronto.

3) Me Gusta(v)! Gustav Nyquist has picked up right where he left off at the end of last season. Nyquist ripped off 28 goals in just 57 games. He’s picked up where he left scoring three goals in Detroit’s first three games. Furthermore, he’s just the 30th player in NHL history to score 35 goals in their first 100 NHL games and the first Red Wing to do so since Slava Koslov did it with 37 goals in his first 100 games. It’s not surprising. The kid has been dominant at every level he’s played at. At the best hockey level in the world, he doesn’t look out of place.

4) Avalanche regress! Close your eyes, Denver, it’s not pretty at all. Making several off season changes to improve upon last years run to the playoffs, Denver didn’t disappoint anyone expecting them to return to the mean this year. Getting absolutely trampled by Minnesota, shutout in back to back games against them, sends a bit of a wake up call. It worked, they beat Boston 2-1 but apparently they fell back asleep, losing to Toronto and Ottawa. Oh man, Denver. I think most knew that last season was a bit of a fluke but WOOF! Proving us right in all the wrong ways, Denver. Good thing the Broncos are amazing.

Adding Kesler was a bit of a coup for the Ducks. He adds a lot.
Adding Kesler was a bit of a coup for the Ducks. He adds a lot.

5) Ducks’ offense. I told you guys that the Ducks would score a billion goals this year. I wasn’t kidding. In four games, they have 16 goals. For you math geniuses out there, that’s 4 goals a game. Not exactly sustainable….or is it? They have a lot of talent spread throughout the lineup, the only real question is experience in goal. But that has nothing to do with their offense. Even in their lone loss to Pittsburgh they scored 4 goals. If you like goals, you should watch the Ducks. Just don’t become a fan of theirs. They’ll let you down always.



Giants & Royals – The World Series Matchup is Set

The matchup is set for the 2014 World Series. After sweeping the Orioles in the ALCS, the Kansas City Royals are back in the fall classic for the first time since 1985. From the National League, the San Francisco Giants continue their every other year pattern of making it to, and maybe winning the World Series. Let’s take a look at how each team got here and what to expect after the first pitch is thrown Tuesday night. Continue reading

Mississippi State University

Pregaming Like A Mom

Saturday morning cartoons are cancelled in favor of College Gameday.

Breakfast and wondering if we’ll see our tailgating “Popaw” on tv.

Rummaging for maroon and white clothes…OH NO! One of the kids has a baseball shirt, but not a football shirt. His younger brother looks at him with sympathy. Add that to our last minute Wal-Mart list.

The texting has begun.

Text from an Ole Miss friend. Nice moment. We’re not playing each other, I text a “Happy Gameday” back and we chit chat briefly.

Trouble. Whoops, friends now know I invited an Auburn fan over for the game. Eeeks. An old family friend, he’s in from out of town, I reason. Understandable, they shake their heads, but unfortunate. Continue reading


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