NHL Free Agency Draws Near

Aaaaaaaand given the frenzy of trades at the draft last Friday, I’d say we are in for a fairly boring free agent “frenzy” on Wednesday, July 1st, the first day of free agency. There are a few big names out there and we’ll take a look at some of them but I fully plan on having a free agency post up on Wednesday that will be updated with up to the minute transactions across the league. Also, be sure to follow me on twitter @kpharkins as I talk about all the really dumb decisions made by general managers and players alike. Oh what fun!

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PODCAST: NBA Free Agency Begins

In this episode of Running Out The Clock, Joseph Craven looks at the big news that is breaking out involving Kevin Love, Lamarcus Aldridge, Monta Ellis, and others, since the NBA Offseason is just as exciting as any other point in the NBA season.

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NBA Finals: 4 Things That Shouldn’t Surprise Us

While the 2015 NBA Playoffs have been amazing, the Finals themselves have proven to be astronomically good through the first several games. Overtime games, incredible individual performances, and diving all over the place have been the custom so far, leaving hope that these Finals will continue to be the highly exciting events they’ve proven to be so far.

However, some of the elements in the Finals so far have people living in shock and awe over things that shouldn’t surprise them. Yes, it’s surprising that the Warriors can’t seem to shoot straight and yes it’s surprising that the Cavs were been able to take a game away from the home-court advantage of the Warriors, but there are three things that people are shocked by that they really shouldn’t be. Continue reading NBA Finals: 4 Things That Shouldn’t Surprise Us

Going Green, Vol. 10: NBA Finals Chatter & Should College Athletes Get Paid?

In both breaking news and a related story the Chicago Bulls have got rid of Tom Thibodeau and have hired Iowa State men’s basketball coach Fred “The Mayor” Hoiberg.

In our last Going Green, Sonja thought Thibodeau should be fired while I figured the Bulls would keep a former NBA Coach of The Year who racked up a 255 wins in 5 seasons. But I was wrong and the lady was correct…again!

So what do we have for you this week?

How about the NBA Finals changing the playoff schedule on us and college football bringing in big bucks and not sharing it with the players.

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UFC 187 Review


Wow is all I have to say after watching UFC 187. Every fight was entertaining in their own way. I am going to give a brief takeaway from the event.

The whole show went as I expected minus a I thought Uriah Hall won the fight and I thought Travis Brown but here we go.

Joseph Benavidez always looks good he did again with a solid  unanimous decision win.

I really thought Brown would win but Arlovsky put on his best performance to get the first round KO

Donald Cerrone won a  tough fight with John Makdessi via head kick. Makdessi Took this fight on short notice and gained mine and others respect .

Chris Weidman stops Vitor Belfort in the first round. But needed to take the Phenom down in order to do so because he was rocked while trading on the feet


I feel like I’m repeating myself because the Main event went the same way.  Anthony Johnson came out swinging knocking Daniel off his feet. Props to the  new champ Comier for taking those shots and weathering the storm and wearing out  Johnson to get a rear naked choke victory


Overall the PPV was awesome one of the best this year.


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Babcock Has Moved On

And, now, so must we.

It’s Friday. It’s been an exhaustingly long week. Mostly due to work but the ordeal of anxiously waiting for Babcock to do what it seemed like he was always going to do, leave Detroit for a different opportunity…..and a metric crap ton of money. Somehow this Babcock thing has completely overshadowed the end of the second round of the playoffs, the fun World Championships that were going on and the start of the Conference Finals in the NHL. Wednesday was Babcock’s self-imposed decision day and he kept it, making the shocking/not so shocking decision to leave Detroit for….Toronto. The Toronto part was the shocking bit as it seemed everything he said prior to his decision pointed away from Toronto as a destination.

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How To Win By Losing

Yesterday the NBA held the single most boring sporting event of the year, the Draft Lottery. In case you missed it, you actually didn’t. You didn’t miss anything. It was as boring as always. Watching the draft lottery is a lot like watching other people in your office Secret Santa pool open their gifts. It’s a huge “WHO CARES WHAT YOU GOT, WHAT DID I GET???” exercise that only keeps getting worse. This year the show had enough hilarious lack of foresight to invite the likely draftees to sit and watch the proceedings so they could say things like “I’m just excited to show people what I can do now that I can legally travel in games.” and “I hope I don’t take a pay cut leaving Kentucky!” or “I’m not going to Minnesota. Period.”

Of course nobody said that because that would have made the show fun and actually watchable. Instead the kids dutifully went through the motions, recited all the clichés and smiled like the generally non-threatening black men the league will portray them as in League Pass commercials. We didn’t get a chance to get a feel for their actual personalities which is a shame because I suspect that they may have been a really entertaining group.

They would be definitely be more entertaining than the NBA executives and players who sat stoically as the envelopes stuffed full of draft order were opened with all of  the enthusiasm of so many cans of Central High peanut brittle. Were they drugged? Were they being held hostage by an off-camera gunman? Did they have tickets to the Warriors game and found out yesterday morning they had to be in New York instead? Did they all watch the end of this week’s Game of Thrones together right before the show? I have no idea but they had the sullen faces and dead eyes of men that did not want to be there. They were emotionally void. In fact the only emotion shown by the future rookies occurred when Minnesota won the top pick in the draft.

Of course by won I mean totally lost in the most smirk worthy epic fail in recent draft history. Which, as a guy with a Darko Milicic jersey, I know a little bit about. While I’ve never been to Minnesota, I can say with all of the confidence in the world that it is not nearly as good of a place to be young and rich as LA is. Now under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be the type of observation that wouldn’t even need to be made. It’s such an obvious truth that it doesn’t need to be said out loud. Which is why it was the worst luck possible for Minnesota that LA moved up to the second pick.

For a kid who’s lifelong dream was to be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft, the Lakers picking second is something akin to coming back from your honeymoon to find out your 87-year-old assistant retired while you were gone and your newly hired secretary is a former Playmate nympho who’s also addicted to watching ESPN, brewing craft beer and making sandwiches. It’s just not fair to expect anyone to compete with that but it’s also too damn bad because for the top pick because he’s not going to be getting any of those sandwiches.

So the real winner is whichever guy goes #2. Playing one, two more seasons TOPS with Kobe and then the team is yours. Free agents will flock to play with you and enjoy the weather and lifestyle. The Clippers will no longer be a big deal. The world will be your oyster, and all you have to do is let everyone know under no circumstances will you report if you’re drafted by Minnesota. We’ll have to see who the T-Wolves like going the draft, and more importantly who likes them enough to not fight to go to LA.

As for the Lakers? They’re in the drivers seat. Even if technically it’s the passengers seat.



The Babcock Watch is Over….For Now

I never actually thought I’d see the day. For two years the Toronto media was CERTAIN and GUARANTEED that Mike Babcock would be the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs after his contract ran out. Everyone said he wouldn’t because Toronto his a hilarious train wreck. The type of disaster that you see happening and it turns your stomach but you can’t look away. It’s a tire fire inside of a dumpster fire at ground zero of a nuclear impact 30 minutes before an asteroid crashes to earth. But…here it is, folks.

Babcock to Toronto 1(7) Twitter 2015-05-20 13-10-10

TSN and ESPN officially break the news that Babcock has signed the contract. I wonder how mu…

Babcock to Toronto 2(10) Twitter 2015-05-20 13-11-24

*spits coffee all over random stranger* OH MY! 50 million is an insane number. But 8 years sees him paid nearly 8 million per season. The next highest coach get’s paid 2.9 million….sooooooooooooo yeaaaaaahhhhhh.

As a Wings fan, I will offer my biased quick take on this and then have a full write up ready for Friday (hopefully). Mike Babcock has been saying all year and the previous off season that it was not about the money. Although he did want to raise the pay scale of NHL coaches who he thought, as well as others, were criminally underpaid for their profession, especially in comparison to other professional sports leagues in North America. But he wasn’t going to chase the money. He wanted to win now and his family’s input was very important to him. Unless he and his family just blatantly lied, it appears that Babcock goes back on everything he said by joining the leafs.

Toronto is in the most full blown rebuild I’ve ever seen. They fired literally everyone and will be looking to shake up their roster. Toronto doesn’t have a ton of stockpiled picks and nothing outstanding in the pipeline. Compared to Detroit who have a ton of really good talent coming as well as a solid core, albeit an aging one, with younger players looking to become the new core. His wife said she wanted to stay in Detroit. If he wants to win now and his family’s desire to stay in Detroit mattered, he would have stayed. But it appears as if his famously large ego drove him to chase that pay day. It’s a large pay day but now he’s put himself in a terrible position of win now or lose all you gained.

We’ll see how it turns out.