Touchback: NFC East Week 15

December brings chestnuts roasting on an open fire, sugar plums dancing in your head, and a deep depression for the those who follow the Dallas Cowboys.  Often kids in the south revere the time of year, but they are caught watching the dismal decline of the Dallas Cowboys just to end up 8-8 and left wondering what could have been.  In the 1999 season decline for the Cowboys begin its rapid decent down the hill of destruction, leaving in its wake the lost career of Leon Lett, Michael Irvin, and a year later Troy Aikman.   Trying to climb back up the destructive hill and repair the Cowboys has been a like watching the department of transportation repair the highway, long and arduous process.  Because when it comes to the December funk of the Cowboys when it rains, it pours.  As we touchback through the NFC East inter divisional match ups, the rise of the star in December on the road as proven perfect while the monstrous task of changing the culture in a locker room still looms over two head coaches.

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Teams                      Score                  Record

Washington           13                         3-11

New York                 24                         5-9

The Washington Redskins lost their starting quarterback to a neck injury in this game and a little more of its pride–having to take a deep breath and put in RGIII because McCoy’s injury.  In what has been a most disappointing season for the Redskins owner Daniel Snyder must be salivating at the opportunity to possibly draft his next top 5 draft pick or trade it away and build depth for the future.  The free agent market for 2015 is not looking so hot to try and fill the spot at QB.  RGIII has another opportunity in the next two weeks to prove himself once again, an audition perhaps for another team or maybe convince his current head coach that he is the future for the Redskins.

Odell Beckham Jr. once again proves why he has been the best rookie player in the NFL this year.  When Cruz went out with injury, Beckham stepped in and will not doubt have a spot on the all-star team in January.    But lets face the facts, the Giants were given a gift Sunday wrapped nicely by the NFL Referee’s.  RGIII scored a touched that would have given them a 17-10 lead; however, as he crossed the goal line the ball slipped out of his hands and when he dropped the ball upon hitting the ground it was ruled a fumble out of the end zone giving the Giants the ball on the 20 yard line.  Penalties followed while Santana Moss was ejected from the game for sharing pleasantries with the Referees.  The NFL followed the proper protocols to reverse the call on the field, but when the ball crosses the goal line, by rule it is a touchdown.

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Winter Meeting Winners

Every off-season is filled with surprising, and sometimes head-scratching moves as teams address needs for the upcoming season, rebuild for the future and attempt to dump salary. With the winter meetings wrapping up yesterday several clubs hit home runs in their attempt to become contenders while others simply struck out. Let’s take a look at a few of the winners so far this off-season. Continue reading Winter Meeting Winners

You Should Break Up With Your Playoff


Dear College Football,

Hey there, old friend. I hope this letter finds you well. I felt like I needed to get in touch with you today to let you know that I am worried about you. I feel as though you might have fallen in with the wrong crowd. I’m worried about you, because I’m afraid you’ve fallen into an unhealthy relationship.

See, most everyone is happy that you found somebody like the College Football Playoff to be with. Our only problem is that maybe College Football Playoff isn’t the right one for you. Continue reading You Should Break Up With Your Playoff

Pro-Wrestling’s Biggest Misses and Near Misses of the 90’s: Farooq Asad


It’s always good when wrestling gives you the opportunity (as a wrestler) to take a little bit of yourself to the ring. Unfortunately, wrestling also likes to get in its own way. Specifically in the WWE. Which is why Farooq Asad was a near miss in pro-wrestling in the 90’s.

Watching Ron Simmons wrestle has always assured me that I made the right decision in not pursuing a career in wrestling any further than my Mid-South Wrestling tryout. First of all, I couldn’t afford the training, and more importantly I can’t imagine what it’s like to take bumps from someone like Ron Simmons without being in pain for the rest of my life.

After Ron Simmons time in the WCW came to an end he made his WWE debut. Simmons was packaged as Farooq Asad, who kind of looked like a black, 8-bit Mega Man.



It obviously wasn’t enough for Vince McMahon that Ron Simmons was a former WCW World Champion. McMahon had to add his own unique spin to Ron Simmons and make him look ridiculous. Granted, later on in Simmons career the WWE fit him perfectly into gimmicks like the NOD and the Acolytes.

Simmons was given the always scantily clad (and current train-wreck) Sunny as his manager, which was a bizarre pairing at best.  Simmons and Sunny went together like cotton candy and filet mignon, but sadly could still not take the emphasis off Simmons ridiculous ring attire.



Originality and creativity are two words that can never (and probably were never) used in designing Simmons ring attire. It’s almost as if the WWE’s creative department were all watching an episode of American Gladiators and one of them suddenly popped up and said “I know what we can do with Ron Simmons!” I’m really convinced that’s the way it went down.

Simmons began a nice feud with Ahmed Johnson over the fact that he wasn’t from the streets like Simmons was and his assault on the English language, as Road Dogg Jesse James said in an episode of Are You Serious.

Most fans liked Simmons as a wrestler, but couldn’t get with his American Gladiator meets ancient Egyptian gimmick. Simmons only wrestled for six months under the Farooq Asad moniker before it was dropped for simply Farooq.

As we all know Farooq went on to have a very successful career in the WWE and was even inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

Luckily, the WWE recognized their early mistake with Simmons and corrected it otherwise Farooq would have been a huge miss for the WWE.


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I Got The Power: Week 14 NFC Power Rankings- AGSH Style

Greetings one and all!  As we pull in to the last few weeks of the season, and playoff talk is heating up.  In the NFL and maybe even your Fantasy League.


It’s a pretty tight race in the NFC, so I’m thankful that I don’t have to break down playoff seeding, and who needs help, and who holds tie breakers.  Cause the whole thing gives you a headache.  So, for now, I’ll just rank ‘em how I see ‘em!

16.  Washington (3-10) Teammates fighting, getting trolled by Jeff Fisher.  When will it end?  This team.

15.  Tampa Bay (2-11)  I really hope Josh McCown is feeling less sore after the Detroit defenders took it to him.

14.  New York (4-9)

13.  New Orleans (5-8)  Who Dat said this team would just be so sad.  Yet still in the playoff race?

12.  Carolina (4-8)  Hope Cam is doing OK!

11.  Atlanta (5-8)

10.  Chicago (5-8)

9.   St. Louis (6-7)

8.  Minnesota (6-7)  Had to take The Jets to OT, but got the W.  Good thing Geno didn’t flash any of his Pro Bowl caliber talent.

7.  San Francisco (7-6) Loosing to the Raiders really isn’t a good look.  But maybe it gave Harbaugh a better look at his potentially new team. IF he leaves.

6.  Detroit (9-4)

5.  Dallas (9-4)

4.  Philadelphia (9-4)  HUGE week for this team!  Can Sanchez work his magic???

3.   Arizona (10-3)

2.  Seattle (9-4)  I’m thinking that this team is getting it all together at the right time.  Watch out.

1.  Green Bay (10-3) Aaron Rogers….that is all. (Trust me, as a Lions fan, it pains me to write this, but dang it, Respect)

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Speak Up: Jim Harbaugh & Colin Kaepernick Comments Before Seahawks Game



The 49ers enter this rivalry game as the biggest underdogs ever in the Harbaugh Era. Kaepernick is beefing with Sio Moore. Navorro Bowman is back, but will he play? Did Greg Lloyd knock out Harbaugh’s teeth? Seahawks eat turkey at midfield of the 49ers!

So what else is going on in Niner Nation…

Continue reading Speak Up: Jim Harbaugh & Colin Kaepernick Comments Before Seahawks Game

The (Themeless) WEEK 15 Rankings

We’ve come this far, and there’s nothing left to do but stand and face the music. It’s time for the river: fifth street.  Your tools are laid bare.  All you have is the cards you brought with you along the journey.  The time for diatribes and discussions are over.  Now it’s time to place your bets…

GRUBBS’ WEEK 15 Rankings

WEEK 15 QB Rankings

WEEK 15 FLEX Rankings (RB,WR,TE)

WEEK 15 D/ST Rankings

WEEK 15 Kicker Rankings


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NFC South Roundup

It was another dismal week in the NFC South.  With an interdivisional game…there has to be at least one victory and that was all we had in week 14.  Nobody wants to step up and take control of this division.  If the season ended today, the Falcons would win this division because they are undefeated in the division and have a victory over the Saints.  They do play again one more time before the season ends and that game should hold importance for who gets into the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers  41      New Orleans Saints  10

As a Saints fan, this is the worst game that I can ever remember watching the Saints play.  Even back in the days of the Aint’s, the team had more life in them then they did Sunday.  Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart looked like All-Pros with their performances against a crippled Saints defense.  Newton threw for 3 touchdowns and 226 yards while Stewart had a touchdown of his own and 155 yards on 20 carries.  The Panthers compiled 497 total net yards and capitalized on 2 fumbles and a Brees interception.  There were high hopes for the Saints coming back home after a good victory in Pittsburgh.  It wasn’t to be as the roller coaster ride continues for a team that can’t find it’s way this season.  The Panthers host Tampa Bay next week while the Saints travel to Chicago for another Monday Night Football appearance.

Detroit Lions  34       Tampa Bay Buccaneers  17

The struggling Bucs suffered their third straight loss in Detroit.  Not much has gone well for Marvin Lewis and his new team this season.  There has been a little more life with the return of Josh McCown to the starting quarterback spot, but it hasn’t resulted an any more wins as they struggle on both sides of the ball.  Stafford has a great game against the Bucs 24th ranked passing defense.  Other than McCown’s 250 yards passing and 1 touchdown, the Bucs couldn’t come up with much else on offense.  They only ran Doug Martin 5 times where he gained 22 yards in their 23 minutes of possession.  I am sure Bucs fans are ready to get this season in the books and hope for better things to come in the offseason.

Green Bay Packers  43     Atlanta Falcons  37

The Falcons got a taste of primetime this week as they played in Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football.  The struggling Falcons got off to a very slow start trailing the Packers 31-7 at halftime.  They did find some new life in the second half scoring 30 points and making a valiant effort to catch the Packers.  Both QBs played well.  Matt Ryan threw 4 touchdowns with only 1 pick and 375 yards passing.  Rodgers threw 3 touchdowns with no picks and 327 yards.  It was certainly an offensive show with almost 700 total yards gained between the teams.  While the Falcons didn’t get the win, they are still in the drivers seat in the NFC South.  They are tied with the Saints in the division but hold the tiebreaker of a previous head to head win.  They do have to play the Saints again in Week 16 which could decide who wins this division.  Next week the Falcons travel to Pittsburgh with the Steelers on Sunday afternoon.

Touchback: NFC EAST WK 14

Oh the drama that is the NFL, like a silent movie, words need not be spoken to see the display given Sunday afternoon on the field. Continue reading Touchback: NFC EAST WK 14

Bear-y Christmas Baylor Fans


For the first time in literally a 100 years, the Baylor bears clinched back to back conference titles. Its their first time ever in the Big XII and something they never did in the old Southwestern conference. I never imagined growing up watching the Big XII that Baylor would ever be at this point, and I have to admit it is fun to watch the explosion of a program. This is not a 3-5 year run Continue reading Bear-y Christmas Baylor Fans


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