Through the Fairway: Edition 1

It is a little odd and exciting to see this see golf in full swing this early in January.  With the changes that took place last year on the PGA Tour, the new season doesn’t begin with the usual Tournament of Champions.  Instead, what used to be the Fall Finish now make up Fed Ex Cup qualifying tournaments and in my opinion makes this new format a lot more fun.

Jimmy Walker took advantage of the changes during the 2014 season with his wins taking him to #1 in Fed Ex Cup points which he kept much of the season…which he has done again this season currently leading the Fed Ex Cup.  His win last week at the Sony Open propelled him back to the top spot that he held so long last year.  It’s fair to say Walker is a fan of the new format as well.

Last week, the scHumana Challengehedule took the players to what was for so long the Bob Hope Classic until 2012 when it became the Humana Challenge. The tournament now partners with the Clinton Foundation.  The golf was a back and forth tournament that was alot of fun to watch.  The third round ended with 4 players tied for the lead at -17, including eventual champion Bill Haas.  There were 4 more players only 1 shot behind the leaders.   One of the co-leaders was Erik Compton.  He is a two-time heart transplant recipient and a journeyman through professional golf still looking for his first PGA Tour victory.  While a win here for Compton would have made a great story, a final round of 70 left him 3 shots behind at the end.

It was Bill Haas who made a 20-foot putt on the 16th hole for birdie and taking the lead which ended in his first win since the 2012 ATT National.  Haas is no stranger to winning on tour that’s for sure.  He won this same event back in 2010 and was the 2011 Fed Ex Cup Champion.  The victory moves him up to 9th in the Fed Ex Cup points for the season.

Next week is a great week on the PGA Tour, when the players head to the TPC Scottsdale for the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  This is the first week on tour that you will see all of the top players together in the field like Mickelson, Watson, and the season opener for Tiger Woods.  Defending champion Kevin Stadler will not be in the field due to a wrist injury from a previous tournament.  Being played in Phoenix this year’s tournament will have an interesting cross-town event that will make Phoenix the place to be.  For the first time since 2008, the final round will be played opposite the Super Bowl.  This is always a great tournament on Tour and one that is a must watch this year.

I’m Glad For The Hawks

You know what? I have to look up who’s on their roster, but I’m glad for them.

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I’m glad because they aren’t the Heat.  They aren’t the Pacers or Lakers.  They don’t have LeBron, or Kobe.  Or Melo.  Or Dwight.

They are a different team.  And that is refreshing.  Now, I’m not hating on any of those teams or players that I just mentioned.  I respect them all for their skill and their teams.  But, I must say, it gets a little mundane when  sports revolves around the same players/teams.   For instance, the past few years, you knew it was going to be the Heat and someone else in the Finals.  And the “someone else” was either the Lakers, Thunder, Spurs or Clippers.  And that to me makes paying attention that much harder.


Why read the book if you already know how it’s going to end.? (Well, sometimes you miss some things, but you get my point.)


But this is why I’m glad for the Hawks.  No one expected them to do much of anything this season.  They finished as the 8th seed in the East last year.  Their owner got into some trouble about racially insensitive statements in the off season.  They were having trouble getting people to the game.   Now,  look at what’s going on.   They haven’t lost in 2015.

While I’m not going to jump on their bandwagon, and become all Hawks Everything, I’m still gonna root for them to keep winning, and hopefully we will see them make a long playoff run.    How fun would that be??


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Wild Start to 2015 for LSU Football, As Told by Dandy Don



2014 may have ended on a sour note but the new year has a great beginning for LSU football.

It has been a wild year for Les Miles and squad and we are only less than four weeks into the new year.  Tiger fans have seen a long- time defensive coordinator leave, big time recruits heading to town, players making big NFL decisions, a new defensive coordinator coming to town from their biggest rival and not to mention a Louisiana native coming home.

Here is a quick recap of 2015 as told by our good friend Scott over at

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Pro-Wrestling’s Biggest Misses and Near Misses of the 90’s: WCW Thunder

AGSH.1 Introducing a Thursday night cable TV show is not easy. Targeting the right age groups and an ability to compete with a variety of other shows that are already established are things that have to be taken into consideration.

The introduction of WCW Thunder in the beginning was actually a great idea. However, as more and more main event wrestlers were not added to the card, and low to mid-level wrestlers were wrestling in the main event, WCW Thunder quickly became a train wreck of a television program, and another huge miss for WCW in the 90s. Continue reading Pro-Wrestling’s Biggest Misses and Near Misses of the 90’s: WCW Thunder

Is Russell Wilson Elite?

On a message board that I belong to, this discussion came up twice yesterday.   Since we’ll probably be hearing about it too much in the coming two weeks, I’ll get us started.


Russell W.

All he has done is win.  He’s got a Super Bowl ring, (probably going to get #2 soon), he’s 10-0 against Super Bowl winning QBs so far.  He threw 26 touchdowns in his rookie season, tying Peyton Manning.  He’s been selected to 2 Pro Bowls.  (For what that’s worth)  He’s set the record for most regular season wins by a QB in  3 seasons.  He set the record for most rushing yards by a QB (122) on Monday Night Football.   He rushed for 106 yards, and threw for over 300 yards against the Rams this year.  And, he only threw 7 INTs this year.  So, he’s got a lot of good things going for him.  And you can’t be mad at that.


Not Elite:

Lets face it. If you look at his stats sheet, he’s mostly pretty average.  For example, in the 2014 regular season, he never threw more than 2 TDs in a game.  Even in last years Super Bowl, he only threw 2.  In 2012 when they beat the Cards 58-0, he still only threw one TD in that game.  This year he had 4 games where he threw none at all, and they won 3 of those.  But honestly, his defense and the run game help him out tremendously, and you can’t deny that.

LOB                                             Marshawn Lynch


By no means am I saying he’s a bad QB. At all.    And when his contract gets renewed, he’s gonna earn every dollar.  He’s the kind of guy you build around.  He’s a great QB. But let’s wait a little longer before calling him elite.  He’s been great so far, but to me, elite comes when you’ve played for at least 5 years.

Lets see how this year’s Super Bowl and the next two years go.  If he continues to win despite changes that are coming to the team, he’s elite.  And I’ll have no problem saying that.

BTW, if you want a break down of this year’s Super Bowl, check out our friends over at  PLUS, you can even follow the Game and get analytics!  Make sure you check it out!


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Touchback: Cowboys Make A Statement

In the ever fast paced world of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately NFL, coaches seem to fall off the carousel at an alarming rate without the possibility of building a system.   As we make the final installment of Touchback for the NFL season,  the Cowboys make a statement, Jerry Jones may have found his Tom Landry. Last week the Cowboys made a statement by keeping Continue reading Touchback: Cowboys Make A Statement

The Bearded Texan, Vol. 1

This week marked the end for my Dallas Cowboys and even though there can be an air of disappointment surrounding the loss, I am very proud of this team. Many, including myself, predicted a 5-6 win season and a woeful defense. I did see however in pre-season that this defense was not as terrible as advertised and I slowly began to change my win totals to as much as 10. In the end they reached 12 wins and made it to the divisional round before falling just short of a rematch with Seattle and an improbable NFC Championship appearance. I will touch on a couple points here. Continue reading The Bearded Texan, Vol. 1

Ten Years Of Issues In The Mississippi State Basketball Program

It’s a question that philosophers have debated for many years. As Rick Ray’s Bulldogs begin another conference schedule winless, questions arise about the coaches’ leadership, his value, how long he should stick around, etc. Articles and opinions have been touted all across the internet over how much he is to blame for the current state of the program. And if he isn’t to blame, then who is?

The answer is simple: Literally everyone is to blame for the current state of Mississippi State basketball. Let’s take a look: Continue reading Ten Years Of Issues In The Mississippi State Basketball Program