Never Can Say Good Bye

I give you a break from March Madness to present to you a quandary.  And again, if you haven’t already signed up for March Madness over at numberFire, feel free to do so now.  And once the Madness is over, you can still turn to them for fantasy help as well.  For all sports.    Now, back to my quandary.

Detroit Sports fans were forced this offseason to say good bye to two prominent figures.   I know….it hurts to lose Reggie Bush and Nick Fairley.  It really does.  Honestly, I don’t know how this Lions team will go on.

Kidding!  I’m just kidding!

Seriously though, the departures of Max Scherzer and Ndamukong Suh were big  in the landscape of Detroit sports.  But today I ask, who will be the bigger loss?  Which one will hurt their respective team the most?   At first, my knee jerk reaction was Ndamukong Suh.  Probably one of the best defensive players the Lions have had, and has people comparing him to Reggie White.   Lions bungled it, and now he and the Suh Squad are headed to South Beach.  Then, I started to think about Max Scherzer.  2013 Cy Young award winning pitcher for the Tigers. Came over from Arizona, and then really upped his game as a pitcher here in Detroit.   Unfortunately,  Scott Boras and the Tigers couldn’t come to an agreement, and now Mr. Scherzer is pitching for the Nationals.

Max Scherzer

While they are both going to be missed on their respective teams, I’m going to have to say that Max Scherzer is going to be missed more.   Allow me to expound.  Last year the Tigers were supposed to win the division going away.  They had a former Cy Young pitcher in Justin Verlander, reigning MVP in Miguel Cabrera, not to mention Scherzer, and Sanchez.  While they did limp into the division title, it wasn’t all what we as sports fans thought it was going to be. JV wasn’t Verlander of old, who at anytime could have thrown a no-hitter.   Rick Porcello proved to be decent, but not always 100%.  Scherzer was the pitcher that could stop the bleeding.  He lead the team in wins, ERA, and strikeouts last year.  He was the Tiger’s shining star on the mound.  And now he’s gone. The Tigers did acquire David Price in a midseason trade, and that will help solidify the rotation, but the Tigers need that 3rd ace to help round out their 5 man rotation.   And while Shane Greene has potential, I’m kind of a what can you do for me now type of girl.  And Alfredo Simon….yeah.   He was an All Star last year, but again, I gotta see it.

Now, Ndamukong Suh.


(I think I’m just happy that soon I won’t have to type Ndamukong as much!)  He will be missed, but I have higher hopes for the Lions defense next year than I do for the Tigers pitching staff.  First off, the Lions have a pretty decent defensive coordinator named Teryl Austin.  The Lions have had Suh since 2010.  And that year they were 19th in defense in the league.  Since then they were 23rd in 2011, 27th in 2012, 15th in 2013 and 3rd in 2014.   What changed between 2013 and 2014?  I’m going to say that Teryl Austin was able to get these guys to play at a higher level.  Did Suh help?  Of course he did.   He had is second best year as a Lion last year.  But there were also some great people around him as well.  DeAndre Levy, Glover Quinn,  James Ihedigbo, and they ALL had great years.  And they’re all going to be back.  PLUS, there was the addition of Haloti Ngata, while yes, he’s getting older, he’s still serviceable.  And did I mention Teryl Austin?

 (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

My thoughts are that The Tigers are going to miss Max a little more than the Lions will miss Suh.

Brock Lesnar’s Right Decision


For those of you who have been living underneath a rock for the past month. Brock Lesnar former world heavyweight champion contract with the WWE was getting ready to expire after his Wrestlemania match this Sunday. 8139061083_95c68752aa_o

The MMA world was hoping that Lesnar would make a return to the octagon. Brock had a great interest in returning to the cage even showing up to UFC fights and having discussions  with Dana White.6363224807_15839b7440_o

As the world learned yesterday that Lesnar made the choice to sign with the WWE. “The fighter inside me wants to compete. The father and husband — I’m an older caveman now. I make wiser caveman decisions. So, I’m here to say my legacy in the Octagon is over. ” Via ESPN.16277632302_e072309185_o

Lesnar made the family mans choice of a secure contract and a long career with the WWE. Lesnar singed a full time deal with a part time schedule which means Brock can spend time with his family and wrestle only a few times a year. 3701383096_3626c47ff0_o

I really believe that Brock made the best decision to stay out of the Octagon. The 37 year old would be stepping into a heavyweight division that has never in the history of MMA been stacked full of great fighters. Brock would sell PPVs and create great match ups with a lot of heavyweights, but I would not see his second run in the UFC to be even close as the success as the first time,

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The Lead Off: A.L. West Edition 6

The Lead Off:

Buzzing around in the baseball world is that the Los Angelas Angels of Anaheim will sit atop of the A.L. West come the end of September and if you see Mike Scioscia flapping his arms like an angel in the outfield, beware because they will be contenders for the World Series.

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Athanasiou The Cruel

I’d first like to offer an apology for everyone trying to pronounce this kid’s last name. Unless you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably given yourself a concussion trying to say it. The good news for Red Wings fans is this: be prepared to say it a lot because this kid is ready to break onto the scene. He’s already making noise with a video that went viral last week of a goal he scored in a game with the Wings’ AHL affiliate, the Grand Rapids Griffins. It’s pretty spectacular. Let’s watch it, talk about it and all be excited.

Not many individual plays get much notoriety in the AHL. One reason being because not many games are televised so the medium in which to consume it is lacking. But every once in a while, something happens and is actually caught on film and your head explodes from sheer amazement. This happened last week with Andreas Athanasiou. Well….I’ll just post the video here and you can watch it and then we will discuss.

Ok. So that was spectacular. It’s a pretty straight forward play. The puck comes up the boards and Athanasiou moves in from center ice. He flies in, lifts the stick straight out of the defender’s hands and takes the puck in from the blue line. He lines up the last man back and toe drags the puck into his feet and somehow kicks it between the defenders legs. He gathers the puck, hesitates and then flips it up and over the goalie for the goal. It’s an incredible display of skill and speed, two things Athanasiou has in buckets. This wasn’t only tweeted out across Red Wings twitter, but also was discussed some amongst national hockey writers from ESPN, TSN (Canadian ESPN) and THN (The Hockey News, Canada). This is coming from a 20 year old kid in a North American professional league in his rookie season. Normally it takes a while for AHL rookies to adjust to the professional level of hockey, even if it isn’t the NHL, because the game is different than college hockey and especially different from most junior leagues. Athanasiou seems to be gripping the change well and excelling. If it weren’t for a broken jaw right when he started rolling, who knows where he would be. He currently has 13 goals and 13 assists for 26 points in 41 games played.

Athanasiou was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in 2012. He was originally projected to go top 30 (first round) but he had a really tough draft year and his stock fell. So he slipped all the way down to the fourth round where Detroit was happy to scoop him up. In 2011-2012 he played for the London Knights of the OHL. It was a bit of a weird situation where he and the coach weren’t seeing eye to eye on some things so his ice time kept dropping and dropping and dropping. He didn’t produce as much which meant less ice time which meant even less scoring. He was unhappy and wanted a trade. Despite his decreased ice time and the turmoil surrounding him in London that year, Detroit saw the potential and took a mid round “gamble” on a kid who obviously has elite skating ability and very good hands. It was a risk they were willing to take.

After Athanasiou was drafted, he asked to be traded out of London. His wish was granted in August of 2012 when he was traded to the Barrie Colts of the OHL. His first full season he was with Barrie Colts nearly doubled his production in only 3 more games, scoring 29 points with 38 assists for 67 points total. He had earned the right to feel good about himself and about his future moving forward and was rewarded. He saw his ice time go up and his responsibilities grow. He rewarded his coaches with 49 goals and 46 assists for 95 points in just 66 games. He was voted as most dangerous forward in the offensive zone and the fastest skater in the OHL among OHL coaches. After the season ended he was assigned to Grand Rapids of the AHL to begin his professional career. Although he only played 2 regular season games with the Griffins, he still registered 3 points (1-2-3). His stats for this season are discussed above and are impressive for a rookie in a professional league.

Andreas Athanasiou is described as a solid prospect with elite skating ability and speed with dangerous offensive zone skills and he plays the body, which is important in the North American game. He originally projected as a third line center, but with the way his game has rocketed off this planet the last two years, his ceiling has also been raised. He could legitimately turn into a number one NHL center for the Red Wings. Nothing would make management happier in Detroit than to see that with Datsyuk and Zetterberg closer to retiring than most Red Wing fans would care to think about. With the recent drafting and success of Dylan Larkin and the hype surrounding guys like Anthony Mantha and Teemu Pulkkinen and the continued development and excitement surrounding Gustav Nyquist, Thomas Tatar and the quartet of defensemen in Grand Rapids, Athanasiou has flown a bit under the radar in terms of relevant prospects but make no mistake, this kid has star potential and it will be fun to see what happens with him over the next three years.

Going Green, Vol. 4: College Hoops Chatter & Free Agency Impacting Fantasy Football

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In Going Green this week we will be discussing whether or not the regular season of college hoops makes a difference on your tournament resume.

Since it’s never too early to think about your fantasy football draft plans, we breakdown some of the trickle down effect from a crazy kickoff to free agency. Here’s a hint…Chip Kelly just messed the game all up.

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The Bearded Texan – Vol. 4

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UFC Headed To The “Big D”


UFC 185 will be headed to Dallas where we will see two tittle defenses and other great match ups. I will give a break down and a prediction of the main card.

First fight we have on the card is a flyweight fight between  Chris Cariaso vs unbeaten Henry Cejudo. This is a great fight because we see a up an coming Cejudo get the toughest test of his 7 fight career when he takes the 10th ranked flyweight in the world.  Cejudo has had one other fight in the UFC where he won a decision over Dustin Kimura. For Cariaso  this will be his 5th fight in the UFC. His only loss is to the champion Demetrious Johnson in a second round submission.This will be a great fight but the differnce maker I see between these two competitors is experience. Chris Cariaso has headlined a PPV before and has been in the cage with the best in the flyweight division  The future looks bright for Henry Cejudo but on Saturday night I see Chris Cariaso  wining a decision


Winner:   Chris Cariaso via decision

Next we have a great fight in the heavyweight division. “Big Country” Roy Nelson vs Alistar Overheem. Both fighters are known for their dangerous stand up game and both fighters need a victory to stay in the top ten in the rankings. This fight is hard to predict because if Roy Nelson hits you with that overhand it is over and if you give Overheem a chance to hit you he can end your night in a hurry. Overheem tends to be a little to confindent in his striking which causes him to get hit which would be his demise if Big Country is swinging that overhand.


Winner: Roy Nelson via KO

Next we see a fight between the former champion of the welterweight division Johnny Hendricks vs Matt Brow. These two fighters are know for their KO power both have over a 50% of KO’s in their fight career. The key to this is this is Hendricks first time in a three round fight since 2013 when he defeated Carlos Condit.  This will be a chest match. I do not believe we will see a slug fest due to the respect both fighters have for their striking power that they both posses. I see this fight going the distance with the former champion coming out on top. The reason is Johnny and his corner always bring a great game plan to get his hand raised.


Winner: Johnny Hendricks via decision

In the co main event we see the womens strawweight champion  Carla Esparza vs the undefeated Joanna Jedrzejczyk. This a great opportunity for the division to gain attention and viewers. I see a title change coming Carla Esparza is a great champion but I believe that Joanna Jedrzejczyk  stand up and take down defense will stifle the chances of Esparza from regaining her title

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Jedrzejczyk vs Gadelha

Winner and NEW Strawweight Champion : Joanna Jedrzejczyk via TKO

In the main event we have Anthony Pettis taking on the number one ranked fighter in the lightweight division Rafael-Dos-Anjos. This will be exciting fight both fighters have excellent stand up and ground games. This will be a close fight but I do not see Anthony Pettis losing his title anytime soon due to how skilled he is and how creative his strikes sets him apart form anybody in the division.

Wheaties Anthony Pettis


Winner: and Still Champion Anthony Pettis

What is your predictions?