I Got The Power–Week 2 NFC Power Rankings, A Good Sports Hang Style

Week Two brought some pretty fun games as well. We saw the defending Super Bowl Champs lose, we saw The Saints get embarrassed. So, who are my movers and shakers for Week 2? Here goes nothing:

16.  The Giants (0-2)

15. The Bucs (0-2)

14. The Saints (0-2) Its early, but it is hard to make the playoffs when you start 0-2.  Maybe going back home to The Dome will help.

13.  The Falcons (1-1)

12. The Vikings (1-1)

11.  The Rams (1-1)

10. The Redskins (1-1)

9. The Cowboys (1-1) Looking pretty good against the Titans.

8.  The Lions (1-1) World beaters one week, succumbed to a great defense the next week. Oh, and the kicking game didn’t help  any.

7. The 49ers (1-1) Well..can’t have 4 turnovers, and let their offense hang 21 unanswered.

6.  The Bears (1-1)

5.  The Packers (1-1)

4.  The Panthers (2-0) Their defense is really stepping up!!

3.  The Eagles (2-0) Can’t always come from behind

2.  The Seahawks.  (1-1) They are still tough to beat at home, and still the Super Bowl Champs

1.  The Cardinals (2-0)

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sel 260 Vikings Cardinals

Vikings Statement on Deactivating Adrian Peterson



Eden Prairie, MN (September 17, 2014)This has been an ongoing and deliberate process since last Friday’s news. In conversations with the NFL over the last two days, the Vikings advised the League of the team’s decision to revisit the situation regarding Adrian Peterson. In response, the League informed the team of the option to place Adrian on the Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission list, which will require that Adrian remain away from all team activities while allowing him to take care of his personal situation until the legal proceedings are resolved. After giving the situation additional thought, we have decided this is the appropriate course of action for the organization and for Adrian.

 We are always focused on trying to make the right decision as an organization. We embrace our role – and the responsibilities that go with it – as a leader in the community, as a business partner and as an organization that can build bridges with our fans and positively impact this great region. We appreciate and value the input we have received from our fans, our partners and the community.

 While we were trying to make a balanced decision yesterday, after further reflection we have concluded that this resolution is best for the Vikings and for Adrian. We want to be clear: we have a strong stance regarding the protection and welfare of children, and we want to be sure we get this right. At the same time we want to express our support for Adrian and acknowledge his seven-plus years of outstanding commitment to this organization and this community. Adrian emphasized his desire to avoid further distraction to his teammates and coaches while focusing on his current situation; this resolution accomplishes these objectives as well.

 We will support Adrian during this legal and personal process, but we firmly believe and realize this is the right decision. We hope that all of our fans can respect the process that we have gone through to reach this final decision. – Zygi Wilf and Mark Wilf



I Got the Power: AFC Power Rankings, Week 2


Another week in the books for the AFC and some stars went down and couldn’t get back up. Chiefs Mr. Everything Jamaal Charles suffered a high ankle sprain, while Bengals deep threat AJ Green left with a bad toe. And who saw the Chargers scoring at will against the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks?

So what does all of that mean for this week’s rankings? Check it out here along with some stats from our partner site, Numberfire!

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Rest of Season Rankings after only 2 weeks in?

I’m not even going to go into the lawless post-apocalyptic wasteland that is the injuries in the fantasy football world during week 2.  Things got silly.  It’s almost like we’re reliving the fantasy baseball season where we saw “Tommy John” written every other sentence on the player notes.  With so many places to look up weekly ranks, I thought I’d give a go with making you a Rest of Season rankings for a 2 QB-league setup.  If you’re not in a 2-QB league or a QB flex league, the rankings can still apply… it’s not necessarily important that Russel Wilson is ranked ahead of Le’Veon Bell, but rather where each is ranked according to their respective positions.  If you’re in a standard 1 QB league, the rankings should apply to everything except for where the QBs are ranked.  Before diving in, let’s look at a couple of random thoughts and musings around the league.

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Whose Responsibility Is It?

We saw the video.
Domestic Violence is all in the front of our consciousness.
And we’re looking to the NFL for answers.

Now, is that right? First and foremost, as a card carrying woman, and mother of daughters I’m all for putting someone under the jail for putting their hands on a woman in some way other than a gentle, loving caress. But do we really need to look at the NFL to be our answer on how to treat and handle domestic abuse? We need to hold the NFL responsible for the handling of Mr. Rice, Mr. Hardy, Mr. McDonald, and others who have violated any sort of the NFL personal conduct policy from an NFL standpoint, but not society in general. They did what they needed to do with Mr. Rice (They eventually got it right. And I feel that they are learning their lesson quick, fast and in a hurry.)

The NFL has a responsibility to the 32 teams, owners, and the players. It has a responsibility to uphold its own image. It (in theory) doesn’t really have a responsibility to anyone else. Now, we all look up to these players, coaches as role models, and that’s OK. It’s part of what the popularity of the league has done. Our kids look up to them. But as a parent (for those of us who are) and as a rational adult (Now, be honest, how many of us consider ourselves to be rational?) we realize that there is a separation from the “fabulous” world of athlete lives and our regular, everyday, existence. And it is our responsibility to tell our kids, godchildren, nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, etc. about that difference. NOT the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL. Heck, not even you NASCAR.


I love sports, I respect the athletes and their talents. Its amazing to me how they do what they do. But at the same time, I realize that they are, at the end of the day, people. People with issues just like us.

So, please….lets not look to our athletes and various professional athletic organizations on how to live our lives. Well, kinda….cause lets be honest, if I was a multi-millionaire, I’d want to look at some of their houses to see how it was done.

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Big XII Monday Round-Up

Week three is in the books, and what a week it was. Teams who I thought had no shot made it interesting and Oklahoma proved why they are the top dogs in this conference. I have been impressed early on this year by the performances of the underclassmen who have shined despite some of the bright lights turned their way. I believe the Big XII is headed back towards it place as a top tier NCAA conference and it may come sooner than expected. Bold prediction of the week: OU will be number 1 nationally by the end of the year. Without further ado:

1. #4 Oklahoma Sooners (3-0)


I would like to start off with a soft boast regarding their game versus Tennessee. Amongst friends (and I have proof), I predicted a 34-17 victory for the Sooners.  I knew OU was good and I felt they would win this game much easier than I think was expected, but they just absolutely reminded me of the dominate days of the early 2000’s. The defensive and offensive lines on this team may be the best in the nation and they have a sophomore at QB. They play defense and have an offense that can hang and will hang numbers on people. Of course this is the NCAA and anything can happen, but I expect this team to dominate all year. Next week could be that scare as they travel to Morgantown to face an up and coming WVU team playing with all sorts of confidence.

Next Game: @ West Virginia (2-1)

2. #7 Baylor Bears


I had heard some people state that Buffalo would be close early then Baylor would pull away late. We do realize by now that these aren’t your father’s bears right? This isn’t the same team that used to have to score 50 to win by 3. This team plays defense and then put 60 on you. 35-0 and Byrce Petty wasn’t even a concern in Bear Nation by halftime. Next week Baylor travels to Ames to open up their Big XII campaign. ISU has shown some great heart the last two weeks, but Baylor will enter and win with some ease. I do sense though this will be the best team Baylor will have played up to this point as the competition stiffens over the next few weeks and this will be a good opening test on the road.

Next Game: @ Iowa State (1-2)

3. #20 Kansas State Wildcats


Bye week and it is welcomed as they prepare to host #5 Auburn this Thursday night in Manhattan, KS. This will be an extremely tough test for a gritty team and I would like to believe they will keep it close, but that is up to the play of Jake Waters and the KSU offense. If they play like they did for 3/4 of the game at ISU, they will lose this game by 20. If they play consistent, then watch out…it wouldn’t be their first stunner.

Next Game: vs #5 Auburn (2-0)

4. #25 Oklahoma State Cowboys (2-1)


Rebuilding year what? Not in Stillwater as these cowpokes continue to show why they will be a force to be reckoned with this year. They demolished a UTSA team that has beaten a good Houston team and lost to a good Arizona team. They will continue the steam roller next week vs TT as the team in Lubbock look to be falling apart at the seams. My only concern about the Cowboys thus far is the injuries that are starting to pile up. That could effect them down the road as they play the stronger teams in the conference. I expect them to be healthier though by that time. Watch out Big XII, Gundy and his crew are coming.

Next Game: vs Texas Tech (2-1)

5. TCU Horned Frogs (2-0)


Wow. That is pretty much all I can say after watching TCU dismantle Minnesota this past weekend. Of course it is the Big 10 and we all know the direction they are heading this year. Treyvon Boykin is legitimate and has shown incredible strides in maturity as a QB. He can throw lasers and most likely is faster than a laser. If TCU continues to win and put up numbers, it wouldn’t shock me if he crept into the Heisman conversation. They get one more softie after their bye week before they embark on the Big XII season.

Next Game: Bye

6. West Virginia Mountaineers (2-1)


500 + passing and 40 points versus a rival and it’s only the second prolific day in school history for WVU. After going up big on Maryland (Big 10), they slowly allowed the Terrapins to creep back in and make this a much closer game than needed. If they played as well as they did versus Alabama, then they win by 24, but they rather win on a last second field goal instead. Holgorsen and WV will need to tidy up their defense if they hope to upset OU this weekend at home. If they can score and put real pressure on their visitors then WVU has a legitimate chance of upsetting my Playoff representative Oklahoma.

Next Game: vs #4 Oklahoma (3-0)

7. Texas Longhorns (1-2)


If only the game was 2:00 shorter then Texas would of pulled off the improbable upset of the year in taking out National favorite UCLA. This team grew up mightily and quickly Saturday night and it was evident that this program is heading in the right direction. After last week’s undressing at the hands of BYU, Texas showed why they could win in the Big XII over the next few years and be legitimate NC title contenders. Strong has his handprints everywhere and that is a good thing Austin…trust me. They should handily (I say that cautiously) beat KU in two weeks and start their conference play off on the right foot.

Next Game: Bye

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (2-1)


“Can you please tackle somebody?!” I heard that phrase far too often regarding the Texas Longhorns the past year and now it seems the staff has been passed to their rivals Northwest. My source inside Lubbock has spoken of displeasure with Kliff and the direction this program is heading in. From my vantage point—it doesn’t look good. I will pull the reins in a bit  given he only has one recruiting class under his belt, but it has to be worrisome to the fans of TT that they do not look like they are improving. Now they have to head to Stillwater and face another great rushing attack in OSU, who can also sling the ball whenever they please. I hate to say this, but this will be a long year in Lubbock.

Next Game: @ #25 Oklahoma State (2-1)

9. Iowa State Cyclones (1-2)


Have I mentioned how much I love Paul Rhodes? This guy gets his team to play harder and heartier than many teams across the nation. He is beloved in Ames and I believe he will have a winning program there one day. They went to Iowa and beat the Big 10’s dark horse. They beat their biggest rival and continued to look improved doing so. I believe that ISU will be a tough win all year for the conference, and they may even pull off an upset or two. Unfortunately they host Baylor this week, and it will be tough for this group to hang with one of the nations best programs at the moment.

Next Game: vs #7 Baylor (3-0)

10. Kansas Jayhawks (1-1)


Kansas fans must be rolling their eyes. Duke is good, but are they 41-3 better than Kansas? Apparently so and I don’t see the future getting any brighter in Lawrence. Charlie Weis is not the answer and he hasn’t been at any program thus far. They host a smaller school this week, and if they don’t win, then they may not win another game this year. Bleak is an understatement for Jayhawk fans.

Next Game: vs Central Michigan (2-1)

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Breaking The Huddle: Week 3 Wrap Up

Week 3, you were so good to us! Upsets, near upsets, and official controversy all in one weekend. Who could ask for more? Let’s take a look at what transpired in week 3.

Related: Big XII Monday Round Up

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Nearly There!

Well, we’ve broken out of the sports black hole that I like to call “summer”. Sure, BBQ, warm weather, alcoholic beverages and trying not to get malaria from swarms of mosquitos are all amazing things; baseball just isn’t enough to do it for me. Football has started back and while the NFL is just getting started, the college world is in full swing. Baseball is approaching the best part of its season: October. In which the season goes into the playoffs and next year’s season started 3 weeks ago. Baseball is weird. But the month of September always strikes a familiar and exciting note in my life: Hockey is coming.

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