Running Backwards: The NFL GM Story

People who are well compensated to do things should be better at doing those things than people who are compensated less. Should being the operative word. Alas this is America, Jack. What you get and you deserve are rarely in sync here. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the NFL Front Office, where year after year I become increasingly convinced that a team would be better off letting their Twitter followers make personnel decisions.

Should we trade LeSean McCoy? RT for Yes, FAV for No.

Case Keenum or #NAH?

1000 RTs and we’ll keep Jim Harbaugh!

You get the point. Which makes you the complete opposite of NFL owners who completely don’t get the point. Owners are people who are good enough at other things in life to buy a franchise .That in no way makes them qualified to run a franchise, which is why they hire people to run their teams for them. The problem with this is because the owners have no idea how to run a team they also have no idea if their team is being run well. At the end of the day they are basically writing checks and hoping for the best.

Robert Kraft

The best is not coming. NFL front offices have continued to make increasingly worse decisions simply because they have the ability to make increasingly worse decisions. They cannot appropriately value players. They cannot appropriately manage the salary cap. They cannot identify and hire quality coaches. They are basically all sham artists. This year has blown past prior years of sucky and stupid decisions and we haven’t even gotten our first free agent signing yet! How is this possible?

The biggest issue with NFL GMs is that they assume that they are smarter than everyone. This is never the case. They are no better or worse than their peers in any aspect of their jobs. NFL GMs all start on a level playing field. They get themselves into trouble when they begin to act on their false intellectual advantage and begin evaluating players, often by making the determination who should they sign and who should they let walk.

This is how the RB position becomes devalued. This is how TEs wind up getting paid like WRs and how WRs become the highest paid guy on the team behind the QB. All due to dumb people doing even dumber things.

There was exactly one RB that ran for more than 100 yards a game in 2014. Uno. At the same time there were four WR that had 100 receiving yards per game. There were 13 1000-yard rushers in 2014 and 23 1000-yard Receivers (two of whom were TEs). You might think that this is because the league is moving to more and more passing oriented offenses. You would be mistaken. Of the 13 RBs, three averaged 5.0 yards per carry or better yet all of them had fewer than 15 carries a game. That is insane. That is idiotic. That is what happens when you let people make decisions based of an Excel spreadsheet.

This is why Shady McCoy is in Buffalo and CJ Spiller is not in Buffalo. It’s why Jim Harbaugh is in Ann Arbor and not San Francisco. It’s why signing Dez Bryant was a bigger priority than signing DeMarco Murray,  despite gaining nearly 900 fewer yards in 2014. Of all the big names to change teams this year we may have a record number of teams cutting ties with RBs, the players that at one point were the life’s blood any successful team. NFL GMs are poised to make this offseason the worst in history in terms of cap cuts and salary dumps. Free agency should be highly entertaining if nothing else.

Demarco Murray

Unless you were hoping for smart moves from your GM that is.



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