BIG XII Monday Round-Up

Starting this year, I would like to evaluate each team that takes the field or court and share a short synopsis with you on how and where they seem to be trending. I will break down each team according to how I feel they are ranked in my eyes. Of course with the College Football opening weekend it awakens the excitement and renewal of hope for each of our teams and sometimes sets low/high expectations for, where we as fans, we want to finish. The new CFB Playoffs also offers a new hope that your team does not have to finish in the top two in order to play for the National Championship.

I feel that there are two teams that have a legitimate shot of making the playoffs from the Big XII. Then there are three right behind them that if all goes well, and falls their way, they could easily sneak in as Big XII champions. Without further ado, here we go:

1. Oklahoma Sooners (1-0)              


Unfortunately this game was only available through P-P-V,  so unless you paid to watch OU crush La Tech, then you will have to wait a week to get your first taste of the 2014 Sooners. I leave them here because of the pieces they brought back from a young team last year and truthfully what I saw them do to Alabama. Trevor Knight is the key to the Sooners success

Next Game: Sept 6th @ Tulsa (0-1)

2. Baylor Bears (1-0)


McLane stadium was absolutely stunning. Who would have ever thought Baylor would be here 5 years ago? Insert RG III and a Heisman…Boom! These are not your father’s Bears and nor will they be for years to come. They were absolutely dominant against a SMU team replacing many offense players. The most concerning thing was Bryce Petty’s back. He was hurt the whole game and did not look normal. He said he was fine, but we will see. No Petty = No Title.

Next game: Sept 6th vs Northwestern St. (0-1)

3. Texas Longhorns (1-0)


Two questions were asked: can the D improve and can David Ash last? First was answered very quickly as a defense who had 88 missed tackles last year, did not miss a tackle and created turnovers. Charlie Strong handprints was all over this team and it should excite Longhorn fans tremendously. It was night and day between the last two years and Texas has a legit shot of being right in the title hunt. Ash will miss the next game after experiencing concussion like symptoms Saturday night afterwards. This was a matter of time, so now we will see how the young Swoopes and Heard will do directing this offense.

Next Game: Sept 6th vs BYU (1-0)

4. West Virginia Mountaineers (0-1)


Wait…what? They lost and so why are they ahead of everyone else? Trickett. The Mountaineers showed much improvement from last years debacle and a conversion here or there, and they would have been proud owners of upsetting the number 2 team. Offensively they will be hard to stop, and they are improving and very young. Defensively, they need to tackle a little bit better and slow the run down. If they do these things, they will win 9 games this year.

Next game: Sept 6th vs Townson (0-1)

5. TCU Horned Frogs (1-0)


It was Samford. It was at home and it didn’t show us anything about this team. But nevertheless TCU continues to show why they could be perennial contenders each year. They have an incredible defense, and a high tempo offense (even though some fans believe it could be faster) and always are tough at home. I just don’t have a good opinion until I see them play a quality opponent.

Next Game: Sept 13th vs Minnesota (1-0)

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys (0-1)


Wow. Florida State is happy to escape Arlington with a victory over a young and gritty OSU team playing freely with nothing to lose. J.W. Walsh showed us why we can’t count the Cowboys out this year, but at the same time showed us there will be growing pains. I am always impressed with the job Mike Gundy does in Stillwater and have tremendous respect for what he is creating. They will lose some games this year, but I don’t expect to see any blowouts.

Next Game: Sept 6th vs Missouri St. (1-0)

7. Kansas State Wildcats (1-0)


Consistent, disciplined, and tough as nails. This is how I’ve always known KSU to be and how they will always be till Bill Snyder calls it quits. They rolled SFA this weekend as they should have, and do it in their fashion. You know they are going to run the ball, yet no one can seemingly slow them down. They grind you down. KSU Football! not exciting but very effective. The road gets tougher the next 2 weeks though and we will see what this team is made of.

Next Game: Sept 6th @ Iowa State (0-1)

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (1-0)


What in the world is going on in Lubbock? Central Arkansas took you to the wire? I thought Kingsbury was supposed to make us forget about Mike Leach? There are many questions regarding what Kliff is doing and the direction of this program. They have talent, they have the fan base, yet they can never get over the hump. Now I will defend TT in the fact that many players transferred after last season and they are basically starting new. They will improve but the biggest question is what I asked at the top. I fear for Kingsbury’s job is TT fails to get to 8-9 wins this year. Must improve the next week.

Next Game: Sept 6th @ UTEP (1-0)

9. Kansas Jayhawks (0-0)


They haven’t played a down yet, but I am interested in seeing if Charlie Weis can get this program back to at least the level that Mangino had them at. Weis seems to start well and fade fast at each gig and sometimes puts off the feeling that he just doesn’t care. If Kansas can’t reach a bowl game, what would the university want to do? This is all speculation, but I believe Charlie must win games this year. Plain and simple.

Next Game: Sept 6th vs SE Missouri ST (1-0)

10. Iowa State Cyclones (0-1)


Goodness me. Paul Rhodes, what are we going to do. You schedule North Dakota State, who by the way is an extremely good football team, to get a win under your belt and you get blown out? at home? You do realize KSU has a BETTER rushing attack coming to town next week right? Oh yeah and a much better defense, which you only managed to score 14 points against NDSU…at home…Iowa State needs to figure it out fast or this season will be gone in a heartbeat

Next Game: Sept 6th vs Kansas State (1-0)



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Dak Prescott will lead the Bulldog offense in 2014.

Southern Miss at Mississippi State: Game Review


The 100th year of football at Scott Field may have started off with wet weather but that didn’t slow down the action as the Bulldogs created plenty of fireworks in defeating Southern Miss 49-0 in front of a record crowd of over 61,000. Check out our position breakdown from the game below.

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LSU Round-Up, Volume 3: More than Just Football


LSU Football is back in full effect with an amazing comeback victory against Wisconsin. Professionally, some Tigers are also making big news in the NFL, on the diamond and on the links.

Don’t worry, it may be hard for you to keep up with all the players but AGSH can. Check out some Bayou Bengals are performing in all aspects of life.

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Nats - Evan Vucci - AP

National League Rundown

Last week we took a brief look at each American League Division. It’s time now to see who is making their playoff push and who is falling out of the pennant race in the National League.

National League East

NL East Standing Courtesy of MLB.com
NL East Standing Courtesy of MLB.com

Overall, the National League East has been a weak division this year. Atlanta started hot but has a losing record since the beginning of May. Meanwhile, the Washington Nationals are 15 games over .500 over the same time frame. Entering play Friday, the Nationals have a six game lead over the Braves and it doesn’t look like they will give that lead up. The Nats are finding ways to win games late and Anthony Rendon looks like the real star of this team.

The Braves are competing for a Wild Card spot at this point but the rest of the division, minus Philadelphia, is in rebuilding mode. Atlanta’s final home stand ends with four games against the Pirates, which could have a huge impact on the NL Wild Card race.

National League Central

NL Central Standing Courtesy of MLB.com
NL Central Standing Courtesy of MLB.com

The central division is home of the closest race in the league with Brewers 1.5 games in front of the Cardinals and four games ahead of the Pirates. The Brewers started the season red hot and have been able to hold off everyone else in the division. However, St. Louis has narrowed the gap this month by a couple games despite giving up more runs than they have scored in August. This race could come down to the health of a couple of stars. Yadier Molina is working his way back from a thumb injury while Ryan Braun of the brewers is battling a thumb injury of his own.

The Cardinals are about to start a stretch of 30 games in 31 days that includes eight day games after night games. They also have eight games head to head against the Brewers so this race is far from over. The Pirates slipped up recently but are in the thick of the Wild Card race at just two games behind the leader. That four game set in Atlanta, who is half a game ahead of Pittsburgh, could make or break the Pirates. Cincinnati played themselves out of contention this month by winning only 10 of 25 games. The Cubs are still the loveable losers but they are getting their top prospect some valuable playing time down the stretch. An exciting race is on deck for the two Central frontrunners

National League West

NL West Standing Courtesy of MLB.com
NL West Standing Courtesy of MLB.com

The West is not very wild this season. The Dodgers and Giants are the only teams with a chance to make the postseason but the Giants have given ground in the month of August. The Dodgers currently lead the Giants by 4.5 games after San Francisco has played .500 ball in August. The teams play each other six times in September and the Giants have to win those series to claim a division title this year.

There is not much to say about the Padres, Diamondbacks and Rockies. They are bad teams than can only play the role of spoilers down the stretch. Expect LA and San Francisco to take advantage of these guys in the final month.

My Predictions:

NL East Champion: Washington Nationals

NL Central Champion: St. Louis Cardinals

NL West Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wild Card (1): San Francisco Giants

NL Wild Card (2): Atlanta Braves

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*Featured image credit: Evan Vucci, AP

MLB-Logo copy

Williams-Brice Stadium is one of the toughest venues for visiting teams in the nation.

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Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals

AGSH NFL Preview: NFC West


And last but certainly not least. Saving the best for last or any other cliche you can think of will work for this preview. AGSH has previewed every conference in football ending with the NFC West.

A few years ago, this division was the laughing stock of the NFL. But now after a few great coaching hires, franchise quarterbacks and stellar defenses this division is the cream of the crop.

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Breaking The Huddle: Pregame Huddle Week 1

Yes, its finally here! College Football has graced us with its presence and I couldn’t be more excited. Week one is no pushover either with several great matchups that you don’t need to miss. We may even be blessed with an upset or two. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in shall we.

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Exploiting the Non-Expert Draft

The wide world of fantasy football is one where the vast majority of people play to have fun.  They play in home leagues, they play in office leagues, they play in public leagues… they DON’T play in expert leagues.  There in lies a great conundrum among much fantasy advice floating around out there.  It’s simply a bias that most fantasy analysts fall victim to, in the fact that they don’t compete in the same types of leagues in which 99% of people out there compete.  They play in expert leagues, the big money leagues, and the tournaments, thus they sometimes have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees.  Their advice and draft strategies tend to lean toward playing other experts.  Now I’m not saying we throw the pre-ranks out with the baby and the bath water, but there are some fallacies in gearing 99% of drafts out there towards what experts would do in their own leagues.  So, first let’s identify some things from the common man’s draft compared to an experts.

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Phoenix Coyotes at Los Angeles Kings


The fact of the matter is we have no expansion process we are going through. It is not something we envision happening anytime soon, if at all. I know there is a lot of speculation and, yes, there is a lot of interest and we are getting a lot of interest from multiple parties in multiple places, but it is not anything yet that we are prepared to deal with on a formal basis. We are listening to the expressions of interest. We have not decided what if anything to do with it.

-Gary Bettman, March 2014-

Well well well. What do we have here? HIGH DRAMA! We all knew that Bettman was a lying pile of rubbish. The guy is only any real good when he’s negotiating. Why do you think we have lockouts every single time the CBA is up? Then we get to hear the nonsense flowing from his mouth throughout the ordeal. Never take anything this guy has to say seriously. There is a 98% chance that it is the furthest possible thing from the truth. And judging from the quotes above and the title of this article….EXPANSION IS REAL and it is coming to the NHL!

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