I Got The Power: Week 11 NFC Power Rankings; AGSH Style

Like my friend Logan Grubbs said in his most recent article, Leave The Gun, Take The Rankings, Week 11 was crazy!!!

It was!  Seattle lost to KC, St. Louis beat Denver, and well, Tampa Bay made it’s way out of my Power Ranking Basement!!!  Without further delay, lets see what other craziness Week 11 brought to the table.

16.  Washington (3-7)  You just can’t loose at home to Tampa Bay.  You just can’t.

15.  New York (3-7)  Riding that 5 game loosing streak.

14.  Carolina (3-7)  Maybe that’s it….Cam Newton’s team got hacked.

13.  Tampa Bay (2-8)  Record wise, they may be worse, but hey, they won on Sunday.

12.  Minnesota (4-6)

11.  Chicago (4-6)

10.  New Orleans (4-6)

9.  St. Louis (4-6) Taking down the defending AFC Champs AND the Super Bowl Champs.  Not bad!!

8.  Atlanta (4-6) The Falcons are 4-0 in their division.  Just sayin….

7.  San Francisco (6-4)

6.  Seattle (6-4)

5. Philadelphia (7-3)  Not a great start to the Matt Sanchez era.

4.  Detroit (7-3)  The offense went where, exactly?

3.  Green Bay (7-3)

2.  Dallas (7-3)

1.  Arizona (9-1)  The Bird Gang does it again.  They’ve got quite the interesting schedule down the stretch.  Seattle twice, St. Louis and San Fran.  And oh yeah, KC.

Tune in Next week for more shake ups and surprises, kids.  Can’t wait!!

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Leave the gun, take the rankings.

Week 11 was crazy… (blah, blah, blah). So many injuries… (yada, yada, yada).  Adrian Peterson got what he deserved… (heard it all before).




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With Boom Herron now splitting carries with Trent Richardson, we have a true “Boom or Bust” backfield in Indy… (clever, get to the rankings).




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*Finally, the Week 12 Rankings*

Grubbs’ Week 12 Rankings

WEEK 12 QB Rankings

WEEK 12 FLEX Rankings (RB, WR, TE)

WEEK 12 KICKER Rankings

WEEK 12 D/ST Rankings


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NFC South Roundup

Another interesting week going on in Week 11 in the NFC South.  The battle between two inter-divisional teams had to lead to someones victory and the Saints try to right the ship in another home contest.  Tampa Bay took their game on the road with McCown getting another start in Washington.  Let’s start with the Panthers and Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons  19       Carolina Panthers 17

A struggling Cam Newton and company welcomed their divisional foe Falcons to see if anyone can make some headway in this divisional playoff race.  Newton struggled early with 2 interceptions giving the Falcons control of the game going into the 4th quarter.  He did show up and give the Panthers a valiant charge at the end with 2 touchdowns at the end of the game to take the lead with a few minutes left in the game.  After a Falcons drive, Matt Bryant sealed the game for the Falcons with a 44-yard field goal.  Neither offense really dominated the game.  Both Ryan and Newton threw over 250 yards and the running games were a non factor.  This win gets the Falcons back into a tie with the Saints at 4-6 for the division lead.  It could be the first time in years a sub .500 team makes the playoffs and one wouldn’t expect them to make it very deep.

Cincinnati Bengals  27     New Orleans Saints 10

The Bengals came in8089816686_f4af8615c5_zto the Superdome and dominated the Saints in every sense of the word.  The defense allowed Andy Dalton to look like Brett Favre in his prime who was coming off a poor week last week.  Dalton threw only 6 incompletions with 3 touchdowns.  He had alot of help from running back Jeremy Hill who amassed 152 yards on 27 carries.  This was one of many poor defensive efforts by the Saints who lost their second straight home game for the first time since 2012.  Brees threw an uncharacteristic 1 touchdown pass in this game and Mark Ingram had 67 yards without getting into the endzone.  Things aren’t looking good in the Who Dat Nation with the Saints looking like the teams of old.  Expectations were high this season and it will come down to the wire to get into the playoffs.  The Saints will play next week again at home on Monday Night Football against the visiting Ravens.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  27  Washington Redskins  10

It looked like a daunting task for the struggling Bucs to come into Washington and pick up their second win of the season.  They did get a boost last week with the return of Josh McCown who payed well in the loss to Atlanta.  His second week behind the center went just as well as he outperformed RG3 in this contest.  McCown threw for 288 yards with 2 touchdowns and no turnovers to Griffin’s 207 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.  Rookie receiver Mike Evans had another game catching 209 yards of McCown’s yards and both touchdowns.  This looks to be a good upcoming team of McCown/Evans that I am sure Bucs fans are looking forward to watching improve over the next few years.  This was a good win for the Bucs who were looking for a spark to finish out the year well.  They travel to Chicago next week to take on the Bears.

Big XII Monday

Err, Tuesday? This Tuesday night ranking system for the College Football Playoffs has really thrown things in a loop as I am surely not the only writer that would like to have the current rankings by Monday morning right? I mean the AP is well, you know, but the only poll that matters is tonight. We are getting ever so close to knowing the fate of the four (sounds like an epic movie title) and I stand along with many Big XII fans wondering if we will have a spot at the table. Last week TCU did the improbable and jumped Alabama in the rankings to claim the 4th spot. That was one of the surprises as Oregon also moved ahead of unbeaten, and unimpressive Florida State. Continue reading Big XII Monday


In 1971 Roger Staubach was a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.   It was October 24th and the Cowboys were alternating snaps between Graig Morten and Staubach. Continue reading TOUCHBACK: NFC EAST WK 11

Just Give Him the Keys – Marlins Offer Stanton Record Contract

The deal is on the table. According to multiple reports the Miami Marlins have offered Giancarlo Stanton the largest contract in sports history. It appears that the Marlins have offered Stanton a deal in the range of 13 years and $325 million.

Stanton had an MVP caliber season this year but a kid named Kershaw plays in the same league and won the award. Stanton finished the year with 37 home runs and slugged over .550. He is not set to become a free agent for a couple of years but the Marlins seem determined to lock him up before it gets to that point.

The Detroit Tigers signed Miguel Cabrera to the largest contract last season when they signed him to an eight-year deal worth $248 million. However, the Tigers and Marlins have been on opposite ends of the spectrum lately when it comes to recent success on the field. So, why would Miami consider this deal and why would Stanton accept it if he wants to play for a winning team?

Giancarlo Stanton - Getty Images
Giancarlo Stanton – Getty Images

First of all, I can’t imagine a player turning down that kind of money. Reports of the deal say that the Stanton could opt out of the contract after five years. He would be 30 years old at that time and could possibly sign for even more money depending on market conditions and assuming he doesn’t have a freak drop off in production. But, the Marlins have to make an aggressive effort to resign their slugger in order to be taken seriously. They also need to be able to lock up players such as Jose Fernandez, Christian Yelich, Adeiny Hechavarria to be consistent winners. This type of mega contract would make that virtually impossible.

The Marlins take a risk with such an investment in a single player. The bigger risk would be trading Stanton for a bundle of prospects that may or may not pan out. The absolute worst thing they could do would be to fail to sign Stanton to an extension and lose him to free agency with a compensatory draft pick as the only return.

All things considered, a mega deal makes sense for both parties. A player of Stanton’s ability doesn’t come around often. Better to lock him up when you can.

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*featured image credit: Steve Mitchell, USA Today


Pro-Wrestling’s Biggest Misses and Near Misses of the 90′s: Bastion Booger


The assumption can certainly be made that some members (if not all) of the WWE creative department in the 90′s were nerds. Such a conclusion can simply be reached by looking at failed WWE gimmicks during the 90′s. Max Moon, Phantasio, Mantaur, etc. Bastion Booger is no exception, seeing that the WWE possibly based him off Star Wars Villain Jabba the Hut. Which is why Bastion Booger was another big miss for pro-wrestling in the 90′s.   Continue reading Pro-Wrestling’s Biggest Misses and Near Misses of the 90′s: Bastion Booger

NBA Western Conference Preview: Part 1

Yes, the NBA season has started, so no, this wouldn’t technically be a “Preview” necessarily. However, in this very young season, it’s necessary to look at the teams in the Western Conference and review the changes made and how it will impact the teams.

It’s still early enough where we’re not really sure what to expect from everybody, so let’s gander at some rosters and see what we can find.

This week, we look at the teams who made it into the playoffs last year and see who might stick around:


San Antonio Spurs

The defending NBA Champions return this season without any major roster moves. They still have the core of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan, along with the still improving youth of Kawhi Leonard. Leonard has proven to be the key to San Antonio staying effective as their stars get older. He is the essential athleticism to compliment the experience and skill. Add in the fact that Popovich is still in charge, and he’s a master of running the rotation so his aging stars don’t get exhausted. The key for San Antonio is whether their bench will continue to dominate, because if Boris Diaw and Patty Mills keep up the productivity we saw in the playoffs, then we could see one last deep run from the Spurs. While they aren’t off to an amazing first few weeks, we shoudl still enjoy watching this team playing the purest form of basketball imaginable while we still can. Continue reading NBA Western Conference Preview: Part 1

I Got the Power: Week 10 AFC Power Rankings, AGSH Style

NFLI can’t believe it is week 10 of the NFL season already. At this point your team is either in the race, middle of the pack or just plain ready to get this season over and go fishin’.

As the Bills and Dolphins get ready to kick off this week with some Thursday night action, we delve into who has the power in the AFC.

Continue reading I Got the Power: Week 10 AFC Power Rankings, AGSH Style

I Got The Power: Week 10 NFC Power Rankings AGSH Style

The season keeps on a rollin, and did we learn anything new this week?  We learned that if Arizona and Philadelphia are going to make it, they gotta do it with a back up.  We also learned that Seattle is who we thought they were.  And we also learned that Chicago….got crowned.  Without further ado….The rankings after the week that was in the NFC.  Enjoy.

Continue reading I Got The Power: Week 10 NFC Power Rankings AGSH Style


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